“Thanks so much for your help.  Don’t know what I would’ve done without you!”  Sue G. – Belleair Beach, FL

“May I just say that you and your team made the process of moving, which can be so stressful, as warm and wonderful for (my mother) as possible.  Thank you!”  Gianna D. – Princeton, NJ

“We enjoyed so much working with you and your team and would not hesitate to recommend you to others.  (I especially  liked your little magnet pieces of furniture!)  We look forward to life at Meadowood. You got us off to an excellent start.  We’ll take it from here.  We hope you enjoy good health and good fortune as you continue through life.  Very best regards, Les and Penny H. – Lansdale, PA

“It was a pleasure working with you and your team. You made a difficult task much easier for me. ”  Nancy V. –  Blue Bell, PA

“Dear Susan,  We’re stunned by your speed and efficiency! Thank you so much. We’ll be meeting with our realtor very shortly, and we’ll see what he has in mind with regard to staging. But we can now see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. We’ll be thankful when all is done.   You and your team have performed admirably, and Penny and I have enjoyed working with you and Marlene. We made a good choice!”  Les and Penny H. – Lansdale, PA

“I can’t begin to express our gratitude for Carol and all she has done.  This has been a difficult process on everyone and she (has) given  us her patience, understanding and grace.  I cannot imagine this process without her.”  Jessica K. – Chestnut Hill, PA

“I am so grateful for the wonderful service you provided to me and my parents.  This was incredibly difficult, and your kindness made it so much easier.  You have no idea how much your support has meant to me personally and carried me through.  Your assurance and guidance made navigating these waters feel safe.  With great appreciation and fondness.”  Marissa R. – New Hope, PA

“Thanks so much for your work clearing out my mother’s apartment at Rydal Park.”  Jaine S. – Rydal, PA

“Thank you so much for the excellent services provided by your entire efficient and pleasant team.  I will be in touch for the content removal phase I hope sooner than later.  Our very best wishes.”  Les and Penny H. – Lansdale

“Many thanks to all of you for your thoughtfulness, graciousness, and professionalism.  You are making this most difficult time easier, and we very much appreciate it.”   
Anne S. –  Rydal, PA

“Many thanks to you and your talented, hard working crew for saving my sanity.  I could never have made the move without you.  Karen G. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for the wonderful help.  It made a difficult physically and emotionally change easier.”  Charles K. – Philadelphia PA

“Marlene – from start to finish, my move has been effortless in so small part thanks  to you and your crew.  All the women were wonderful – helpful for the head and helpful for the heart.  I honestly hated to leave where I lived.  They made it fun and easy and were good listeners.  Starting with my first phone call when DAvid answered, it’s been a most pleasant experience.  I’m so glad I hooked up with you and your team.” Sue G. – Jenkintown, PA

“Thanks so much Marlene and friends!  You made the move possible. The whole crew was a pleasure to work with; Carol so helpful and practical!”  Bridget G. – Catonsville, MD

“Marlene, Sandy and I wish to thank you for the good wishes and personally thank each member of your team for making this transition as smooth as possible. we have never witnessed your Ladies working SO HARD, unorder to accommodate our wishes, and providing much needed resources for downsizing necessities.  Read’s Moving Services under the direction of Brian Moran & Randy made what appeared to be impossible a completely successful move which included removal of unused materials. Both the Senior Transition’s and Reads Moving Services worked together seamlessly relieving our anxiety and stress.   We would not hesitate to to use your services and offer the Highest Recommendation to all that inquire about the excellent services your Organizations provide. With your permission we are sure more downsizing will be necessary and may need additional services.”  Sandra and Dennis L. – Southampton, PA  

“I want to thank you for your substantial help and patience with me and my “crew” over the last weeks. I couldn’t have been happier with your folks, each one efficient and kind.  Carol was absolutely amazing, and I truly enjoyed working with her. The ladies who unpacked at Rydal were terrific, and couldn’t have been more thoughtful and helpful. The moving company folks were also very impressive. All in all, the experience was made as painless as possible. Clearly you have a real knack for finding the best folks around, and I feel so lucky to have found you and your company. Thank you so much, and please convey my appreciation to all who were involved.  With great thanks, admiration and best wishes for happy holidays and a great 2024.  Abby L. – Jenkintown, PA  

“Thanks to the whole team for all your kindness and effort on behalf of our mom/mother-in-law Muriel A.!”  Dave and Laura A. – Milwaukee, WI

“Thank you, David and your entire team for making my mother’s move to Meadowood a much easier transition than it would have been without you.  She is settling in very nicely and is even taking her ‘6-month scavenger hunt’ as a fun challenge.  Carol, Peggy and Carol did a wonderful job.  Please extend my heartfelt thanks to them. Thank you!” Paige E. – Blue Bell, PA

“Many thanks to you and Carol for all the time, effort and patience it took working with me on the move to Brightview.  The furniture arrangement has worked out well as has the organization of cabinets and closets – the best!  Thank you again for all your effort and kindness.”  Eleanor D. – Devon, PA

“Thank you.  Everyone helped me.  I really appreciate it.  Carol and Donna were wonderful.  I love Carol.”  Karen O. – Jenkintown, PA

“The move went smoothly today.  Carol Z and Peggy were super.  Reads was excellent.”  John D. – Frenchtown, NJ

“Thanks again for an excellent job by Donna and Peggy, including “looking after me”.  Jim  S. – Gwynedd, PA

“I can’t tell you how pleased I was with your … and the Team’s … help!  You guided me through a very difficult & emotional task with complete  skill and empathy!  Thank you for the excellent service – far, FAR beyond my expectations.  I am SO glad Mary Beth, Masonic Village, recommended you to me!”  Ralph M. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“God bless you and thanks for a great job.  Loved working with Peg.”  Joseph K. – Warminster, PA

“Thank you and your entire  team for all you have done to make this transition from home to Rydal Park.  Believe me, I could not have done it without you.  I am slowly getting settled.  My best to everyone at Senior Transition Services.”  Mary Elizabeth C. – Jenkintown, PA

“Thank you for a stress-free move.  It was very nice meeting you and please thank Carol as well.  You both did a wonderful job.  George seems very pleased with everything.  Take care and know that I am telling everyone about your services.”  Nancy U. – Lansdale, PA

“I appreciate all of Carol’s and your help.  Your services absolutely made a difficult and emotional task much easier and less stressful.  It was a pleasure working with you both.”  Andee S. – West Chester, PA

“The ladies did a wonderful job unpacking me.  They did a yeoman’s job and I’m very pleased.” Pam H. – Blue Bell, PA

“Thanks for being there – it is always such a stressful time, and you and your capable and excellent staff  always relieve the stress.”   Caroline Y and Maryann M – Rydal, PA

“Thank you to you and Peggy for the help with my mom.  She is happily settled in at Crescent Fields.”  Melissa C. – Yardley, PA

“My brothers and I greatly appreciated your service and the respect and compassion that Susan, Peggy and Donna and yourself gave to my parents’ belongings.”  Peter H. – Gibertsville, PA

“Peggy and Donna were fabulous.   It feels like home now thanks to them!  They were so calm and reassuring and they worked hard and were very careful with my things.”  Jacqui I. – Warminster, PA

“Marlene, God bless you and Donna for all your work today! I believe you are a Godsent gift.  Donna’s connections to St. Cecilia’s enables me to relinquish so many religious family heirlooms with peace of mind.  Your efforts coordinating Ron at Holy Redeemer Thrift and Joe at Haulout to facilitate the removal of the bulk of 7 decades of accumulated STUFF in my home has saved my sanity and health.  THANK YOU!  Mary-Alice L. – Warminster, PA

“I can’t thank you and “your girls” enough for the help you provided to me over the past years.  I don’t know how anyone can move without you.  Thank you also for the donation to Nancy’s House that you made in my name.  Susan is a sweetheart.  She is a helper and a friend.”  Fondly, Mary Ann V. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks to all of you for your amazing, thoughtful care and support of Dorothy.  All our best”, Beverly and Sean L. – Langhorne, PA

“Thank you for all the help in making my move go a little easier.  Susan was wonderful.”  Eileen R. – Philadelphia, PA

“Just letting you know that Susan and her helpers (Peggy and Carol Z) were just wonderful today and I can’t believe that they accomplished all they did – and they were so patient and kind with all my panic and indecision.  And the plan has worked out pretty much as you designed it!  The Read’s guys were great as well.  I can’t thank you all enough, and special thanks to Susan who I’ve come to think of as a friend as well as a helper.”  Innis S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Despite all my anxiety, the actual move itself and the unpacking went smoother than I could have imagined.  Marlene  – sitting with my mom to talk  through layouts, mocking up several options, giving me feedback on things that might work and things that might not — your compassion, empathy, patience, responsiveness, and flexibility was wonderful.  The guys from Reads (who I include here because you recommended them) were such a pleasure — not only efficient and careful, but friendly and compassionate.  Their working relationship with Carol made the whole process seamless.  And Carol was just amazing — from getting Holy Redeemer Thrift to pick up the donation  pile on the spot,  to getting the whole apartment unpacked at  lightening speed, and doing it all while chatting with my mom to keep her engaged, chatting with the other residents, guiding me, and packing up stuff to donate as she went.  She is truly a gift to those she helps.”  Kassie B. – Riverton, NJ

“We greatly appreciate you and all your team for supporting mom’s transition.  She seems to be doing well and enjoying her new home!” Andrew P. – Huntingdon Valley, PA

“Thanks for helping us with this move.  We are happy that we chose your company to coordinate our move and to help us quickly swap units with our daughter’s family.”  Best wishes to you and your outstanding team.”  Tom H. – Philadelphia, PA

“I think using your service worked out very well and definitely lowered the stress of our move.  Thank you for your help.”  Bob D. – Lansdale, PA

“Thanks so much for all your wonderful help with our move.  We are very pleased  with our new home and we appreciate all you did to make it go smoothly.  I will certainly tell people how good you are at your job.  Be well.  Linda and Jim D. – Rydal, PA

“Thanks to you and Donna for expediting  this project.  Closing out the apartment is a major item.  Great Job Well Done!” Robert M. – Jenkintown, PA

“Thanks to you and your ladies for all the help and understanding during  my recent move at Ann’s Choice!!”  Pauline S. – Warminster, PA

“Wow, nice surprise.  We’ve settled in and are adjusting to a new lifestyle. We would be remiss to not thank your team again for making the traumatic transition go so smoothly.”  Gayle and Mick S. – West Chester, PA

“Thank you and your wonderful staff for moving Joyce to her new apartment.  With your help, the move and transition went very smoothly.  Joyce seems to be very comfortable in her new home that looks just like her previous apartment!!  Again, thank you and I will be sure to recommend your services.”  Jennifer R. – Jenkintown, PA

“Thank you and your crew, especially Susan, for making our move so doable.”  Don and Carolyn, Rydal, PA

“Couldn’t have made this move without Carol’s help.  She was a perfect match for me!  I became exhausted just watching all the work she did.  She did it all with a smile and a laser focus on what she was doing.  It was like having the  energizer bunny working away.  Love where I’m at and find the Village a perfect match for me.  Thanks again for the help.”  Judy C. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“Thank you again and again for all of your help with moving Rachel.  You and your team literally saved me and I can’t thank you enough.”  Deena P. – Bala Cynwyd

“Many thanks to you and your team of wonderful ladies! They were great to work with.  Thank you again for all of your assistance.  Beth and I are so glad we were referred to Senior Transition Services.”  Ellen P. – Glenside, PA

“We are completely satisfied with the services provided to us by STS.  We also want to make sure you know how delighted we were with your three elves Carol, Susan and Carol, and our great appreciation for their work to shoehorn us into M-13.  Thank God for your explicit plan for making it all fit!  We could not have managed this without you!” Randal and Leanna W. – Gwynedd, PA

“Dear Marlene and Crew – Many thanks to everyone for helping me through this difficult (and chaotic) time of life!  Happy New Year.”  Ginny S. – Philadelphia, PA

“We just moved my 91 year old Dad into assisted living.  My sister and I don’t live very close but planning was easy with Marlene and very flexible as our plans changed last minute.  Peggy was amazing the day of the move.  With very little guidance she took over unpacking and breaking down packing.  A few hours  later Dad was moved in, bed made, and ready for a cocktail.  Thank you all at Senior Transition Services.”  Scott S. – New York

“Marlene, thank you for your excellent service.  Susan and her associates were excellent, thoro, and somehow found a location for everything, better than I would have.”  Charles, Dorothy and Kathleen T. – Lansdale, PA

“Thanks, Marlene.  Once again we are grateful for your really excellent service.  It was a great pleasure to work with you and Carol.  I’d be happy to serve as a reference if you ever needed one.”  Ken F. – Gwynedd, PA

“Thank you and Peggy for your assistance in transitioning Mom to Personal Care.  Mom is adjusting to the new environment and loves the look and feel of the apartment with her furniture, books, and belongings.”  Dave P. – Fleminton, NJ

“Once again Carol’s help was wonderful.  She got everything packed and arranged for pick-up by Holy Redeemer.  I would probably be still doing it if I did not have her help.  All of your services were terrific.  I am so glad you were able to help me.  I will be glad to provide your information to anyone who needs your services.  Barbara H. – Southampton, PA

“Susan, thank you so much for all you did for my mom and me.  This week was a rough one, and I really appreciate how much easier you made it for us.  I know my mom won’t realize everything you did behind the scenes, but I recognize it and appreciate it.  I will help spread the word of your amazing business.”  Beth R. -Seattle, WA

“Thank you for your help in our move to Ann’s Choice.  We appreciated your thoughtfulness, consideration, and advice on how to make this difficult transition less stressful for us.  Wishing you all good health and success as you continue to help other seniors transition to a different lifestyle.”  Sandi and Paul G. – Warminster, PA

“We were fortunate to have the assistance of Senior Transition Services especially Donna and Carol and their cohorts.  Thank you.”  George B. –  Ambler, PA

“Everything was great!! Your team is so professional, pleasant and efficient that I cannot thank you enough for making this … yet again … a seamless experience.  So … thank you … thank you … thank you!  Words cannot express what a pleasure it was working with you and your team on what could be a very hard and emotional transition overall.” Michele S. – Lower Gwynedd, PA

“I am so glad I used the services of Reads Moving and your team.  Carol and Carol were just great.  By around 4 pm everything was in place and all of the packing materials were cleaned up.  Without their help I probably would still be unpacking.  Thanks again for your help.”  Barbara H. – Southampton, PA

“Thank you and Carol for your help.  Everything went smoothly for the move last week.”  Christie B. – Connecticut

“Arthur and I can’t thank you and your associates (enough) for everything you did to make our move go as smoothly as possible.  We really could not have done it without your team.  I don’t need to tell you how wonderful Susan is, both as a professional and as a person.  I miss her –  but not the move itself!  Everyone who asks us how the move went are treated to a song of praise for Senior Transitions.  We will, with complete confidence, recommend your services to friends who are moving.  Thank you and best wishes to your and your great team.”  Faith M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for the visit to my mother, Marian W.’s, home last week.  It was extremely productive to have her use your service.  The layout service gives her a clearer understanding to the placement of her furniture, and I know it has opened her perspective on the way she will live in a smaller space.  I am hopeful she will embrace and enjoy this next chapter as much as she did the past 86 years.”  Allyse M.  – Plymouth Meeting, PA 

“I can’t thank you and Carol enough for your compassion and your expertise with relocating my father’s belongings.  Your team has been so thoughtful and caring throughout this process.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness you have shown us.  Kristie R. – Boston, MA

“I am so grateful for the assistance that Senior Transitions provided to my family! ”  Linda M. – Bala Cynwyd, PA

“Marlene/Susan … thanks for everything  you guys did during this transition.  I could not have done this without your help and support!!  My mom is settling in and I did want to do everything possible to make it like home for her!  I would definitely recommend your service to anyone!”  John W. – Panama City, Panama

“Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance through the process of my move to Southampton Estates.  I greatly appreciated both your recommendation of Read’s  Moving and sending Donna to assist with my last-minute donations.  She was wonderfully efficient, and it was a joy to talk with her and have her working in my home.  It was a pleasure to work with you, and it was also my pleasure to be able to support the German Hungarian youth group.  It’s wonderful to see young people continuing the old traditions and doing it so well!  Rosina D. – Southampton, PA

“I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you what a wonderful person Susan is and what an accomplished professional, as well.  We wouldn’t be as far along as we are without her.  She is always positive and so I try to be,  too, when she walks through the door.  She encourages decisions without trying to make them herself.  And she works like a demon.”  Faith M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for your services.  It really helped to make moving less stressful for me.”  Carol D. – Spring House, PA

“I want to thank you again for the great work you did in clearing out Stanley’s apartment.  We could not have done it without you!!”   Judith S. – Miami, FL

“Many thanks for a smooth move to Meadowood.  Your services are greatly appreciated.  When you’re  in the area, do stop in for a visit.”  Thanks and appreciation.”  Rosalie and Ron N. – Lansdale, PA

“Dear Marlene, David and Donna!  Thank you for your wonderful service.  You made a difficult move a lot easier.”  Marlene H. – Doylestown, PA

“Thank you for your services, especially Carol who did a wonderful job on moving day.”  Pat S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Your ladies (Carol, Donna and Carol) were excellent yesterday.  We would have been weeks if we did this ourselves.  Thanks so much, Marlene.  I will continue to give your name to any of my friends contemplating a move.”  Anne Marie S. – Lansdale, PA

“Thank you Carol, Peggy and Carol all so much for helping me through this hectic and overwhelming time.  Could not have done it without you!”  Arlene V. – Warminster, PA

“There is no way I could manage this move without your help.  Donna is simply the best, and her comforting and upbeat manner (not to mention high energy), helped me part with more books and CDs than I ever dreamed of.”  Stephanie  P. – Elkins Park, PA

“Please accept our long overdue thanks for helping to manage our mother’s move to her new home.  Your guidance was so valuable, especially for space planning and coordination with the movers, real estate agents and Southampton Estates.  Thank you as well for arranging the sale of her porcelain items.  Mom is doing well; she enjoys her new space, had made many new friends, and is happy to see old friends now moving into Southampton Estates.  Best regards to you and your staff.”  Rose L. – Lansdale, PA

“It was indeed a pleasure working with you and your team – please thank all, especially Susan, for all of their help in making this difficult transition as smooth as possible.”  Myron Y. – Gwynedd, PA

“Many thanks to you and your staff.  Carol and Carol were terrific in unpacking and placing everything where I would have placed it.  Great job to all.  Because of your help all went very smoothly on moving day and now we are totally at home here and already enjoying a busy new life.”  Jennifer and Don P. –  Warminster, PA

“It was a pleasure working with you and your team again.  The move went well and we appreciate your help in navigating through a challenging situation.  Our mother has settled in nicely and a lot of that is due to the environment that you and Carol helped create for her at Brightview.  Carol did a fantastic job that day, helping to overcome a few obstacles, and generally helping our mother, and us, get through the day.”  Steve S. – East Norriton, PA

“Thanks for all of your help.  Your staff is awesome!  They did a wonderful job and made the move so much easier for a person with M.S.  Good luck in the future.”  Jack Q. – Warminster, PA

“Everything was great yesterday!  Suzanne kept commenting what a wonderful job your team was doing.  Thank you for making this as easy as possible!  I could not have made this happen without you.”  Kellie B. – Wilmington, DE

“As I mentioned in my earlier communication, we could not have been more pleased with Scott and his men (from Reads Moving Systems), who moved us and for the excellent work of the two Carols!  All get 10 ratings!  We’re continuing to work on getting settled in our new place.”  Nathalie and Harvey B. – Philadelphia, PA

“We are writing this letter to show our appreciation for your skills and efforts in setting up our new home at Heartis Senior Living.  Although the furniture is from our Newtown home, you made everything look new and beautiful.  We constantly get compliments on our beautiful apartment.  It was great having your services.  Keep up the good work.” Miriam and Don S. – Warminster,  PA

“The services you provided are much appreciated.  Your team gets “A”s all around! I will not hesitate to recommend your services!” Linda M. – Bala Cynwyd

“The two Carols left here a while ago.  They were prepared, professional, fast but careful, and friendly.  In short, they did a very good job, and I am very happy with the experience.  Please thank them again for me.  I look forward to the next steps with Senior Transition Services.”  Darrel S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks for everything, Marlene, David, Carol and Donna!”  Star S. – Lansdale, PA

“Carol is fantastic!  She was a great helper who made our move to Ann’s Choice much easier.”  Miriam S. – Warminster, PA

“Thanks for your help with my parents!  They are settling in at Cathedral Village, and there is no question that you and your team made it as smooth as could be for them.  They felt at home, right from the start!  Susan and Carol did a great job.  Huw R. – Budapest, Hungary

“Enclosed is a check for your wonderful, helpful, beyond my wildest dreams moving services.  Thank you and your team for making my moving easier.  Your skills, compassion and trouble shooting were very much appreciated.”  Penny W. – Rydal, PA

“Russ and I thank you for your help and guidance.  You have made our move much easier.”  Jeannie B. – Ambler, PA

“I’d like to thank you and your team for helping to make Nancy’s transition to her new apartment a smooth one.  She has settled in nicely and is very happy.  It was a pleasure working with you and your team.”  Pam G. – Abington,  PA

“Your staff was very efficient and I would be happy to recommend your services in the future – and already have.”  Jennifer Q. – Erdenheim, PA

“I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful Susan and your crew have been.  I am sure that you hear this all the time but I needed to make sure that you also heard it from me.  This has been an extremely difficult transition for my mother-in-law.  Thank you again for everything.  We could not have done this without you and your wonderful crew.”  Debbi G. – Blue Bell, PA

“Many thanks to you and everyone, including Reads.  Couldn’t have done it without you, Marlene!”  Ellis A. – Elizabethtown, PA

“We absolutely enjoyed working with you and Carol.  You were each such a major help to us and Mom is now well on her way to getting settled into her new apartment.” Kristine H. – Cambridge, MA

“Thanks so much for all your help.  We would still be buried in all our stuff without the help from you and Carol!” Jennifer B. – Philadelphia, PA

“I was very, very happy with your team and they made out move worry-free.  Our things were put in place with care and all packing was removed.  Thus, when we showed up we could walk in and sit down and marvel at how your team had worked with speed.  The beds were made, etc.  The use of a template the size of a walker made sure we could move about the apartment without fear of tripping and your worked with us to get excess furniture not moved but donated.” Mike and Judy Y. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“I want to thank you for the services Senior Transition provided.  Carol was wonderful, wonderful.  David is always so pleasant and efficient and my consultation with you gave me so much confidence in the process.  Never could I have accomplished the decluttering of my home without the assistance of Senior Transition.”  Diane L. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“Thank you and Carol and the other two ladies so much.  We truly could not have done it without you.  Your service and courtesy to us was exceptional.  You provided professional advice with compassion and understanding of our emotional needs.  Kudos to all.”  Mary and Colin H. – Lansdale, PA

“I wish to thank you, Carol and Donna M. for your help in making my move easier.  Hopefully, I will now to be able to finally relax.  I will be recommending your service to my senior friends who will be moving in the future.”  Evelyn S. – Warminster, PA

“It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your amazing team, Susan, Carol, Donna and Donna.  You have made this move for my mom seamless and stress free.  Your help, organization, packing, and attention to detail left us both feeling very well cared for.  You all have exuded such warmth and understanding… I can’t thank you enough.  Please know that we will HIGHLY recommend your services to anyone and everyone!!  Thank you again, and it was such a pleasure to get to know each an every one of your team!”  Debbie D. – Philadelphia, PA 

“Thank you so much for your assistance – you made the move-out much easier than it would have been!”  Michelle I. and David E. – Los Angeles, CA

“Working with you has been wonderful.  You were truly lifesavers.  This weekend, I unpacked two cartons of breakables (one at a time) and we were swimming in paper.  I wondered how the team had managed to do such a fast job in the few hours after the movers brought everything in.  This was a very, very complicated move and yet it worked thanks to Susan’s memory, which is priceless. Thanks again for living up to your aim for compassionate moves.  We are also happy to have used your terrific network of services.”  Judy and Paul G. – Jenkintown, PA 

“Thank you for making this whole process so much better.  Don’t know what I would have done without you!”  Chandra K. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for providing the support I needed to move out of my University City home of 40 years to the Watermark.  You and your team were a tremendous help.” Hannah W. – Philadelphia, PA 

“Our appreciation for your work July 1 and 2 goes beyond words, but I’ll try!  To pack, unpack and put items in the right drawers is a feat.  You have made us very happy – we can find everything!! Your sparkling personalities put the icing on the cake.  Given the chance, we will recommend each of you! And our best to all of you.”  Paul and Carol P. – Southampton, PA

“Your team, led by Carol, was exhausting to watch.  As anxious as I was, it did work out.  Please tell Carol how grateful I am for her help and calm.  And Donna M. stepped in where needed.”  Carol C. – Warminster, PA

“Please thank Donna D. I stopped by the house at lunchtime and saw her.  Even when it was almost 100º outside, she was amazing.  You have a team that is truly dedicated and hard-working.  As always, I truly mean that we appreciate what you do.”  Linda G. – Yardley, PA

“We appreciate your company’s efforts to clear out my Dad’s apartment!  You guys were a pleasure to work with.”  Michelle I. – Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you ever so much for the assist getting me packed and junk removed.  I am settling in okay here in Seattle.  Warmest regards.” Phil W. – Seattle, WA

“Thank you for helping me to prepare my house for selling.  You helped to ease my fears.  Yes, the house did sell quickly and hopefully all will go well with the sale.”  Evelyn S. – Southampton, PA

“Gwenyth and I can’t thank you, Carol and Donna enough for the outstanding service you provided.  It enabled us to meet our obligations regarding the sale of (our house) and made the move to our new location (almost!!) pleasurable.  You and the team are superbly organized and capable.  You have a most impressive organization.  With sincere appreciation and best regards.” Geoff T. – Warminster, PA

“Thank you for the excellent help!” Richard F. and Marilyn S. – Rydal, PA

“Susan, thanks for everything!  You were an awesome and flexible partner during our move process.”  Mona and Jon L. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you once again for a superb job in moving Brian.  There was not so much “junk” this time but certainly enough to keep Carol and Donna busy.  You are fortunate to have these two ladies working for you.  They are, as you indicated on the phone, able to work around the circumstances they face and do it with grace and fervor.  Don’t ever let them retire!!”  Jim K. – Lancaster, PA

“Last evening I did breathe a very loud sigh of relief!!!!  As I said several times in the past, the three of us, Meryl, Adam, and I, could not have completed the daunting task of packing, moving, discarding, etc., etc., without the extraordinary help of the two Donnas, particularly, Donna Donnell, and you.”  Sima S. – Warminster, PA

“Thank you for your help with our parents’ move.  The two women could not have been a better fit for us.  They were so personable and productive.”  Molly C. – Huntingdon Valley, PA

“Again, thank you for all the hard work, effort and professionalism in helping with the move.  Carol in an absolute jewel.”  Mary M. – Summit, NJ

“Dear Senior Transitions Team!  This certainly was money well spent.  Your diligence, patience and pleasantness eased the pain of a move from a home of 33 years.  Thanks again!” Virginia D. – Philadelphia, PA 

“Thanks to you and Donna for the excellent help!  We greatly appreciated the assistance!  That was an important and difficult task to complete.  I am singing your praises at The Hill (of Whitemarsh) and have encouraged them to utilize your services in the future.”  Craig S. – Doylestown, PA

“Thanks so much Marlene and Donna.  So appreciate your help with this difficult process.  Bless you all for how you do what you do.”  Patricia S. – Philadelphia, PA

“I echo Pat and Craig’s words … your sensitive care and help during Mom’s initial move to Oakley and again during this tender time of transition has been so appreciated … I’m not sure how we would have managed all this without you!”  Thank you!” Kathy W. – Vermont

“It seems hardly believable that I have moved and my home of 43 years is now ‘on the market’.  Thanks to your company and your helpers, all went smoothly, and even enjoyably.  I spent most of the time with Carol who was every ‘kudo’ you could imagine – efficient, helpful, compassionate … just a delight to have met and known are just a few characteristics.  If I were ever to consider moving again, I would call you (and Carol). Thank you again.  Warmest regards, Maryann S. – Glen Mills, PA

“I want to say thanks to both Donna for helping to make our moving day easier – we would not have been able to unpack as quickly or efficiently without their help.”  Margie C. – Rydal, PA

“Carol, thanks for all of your help with the move.  My sister said she literally could not have done it without you!”  Daniel R. – Tokyo, Japan

“We are so appreciative of your prompt and efficient work!  It took so much off our minds, not to mention that actual work of getting everything done!” Martha M. – Wilmington, DE

“Marlene, thank you for all you did to have me moved in by March 19.  I can only imagine that challenge.  In appreciation you will be recommended to everyone I know who seeks the very best transition for seniors.  A very special thank you to Donna.  We’re not finished yet.  I’ll be in touch.”  Sima S. – Warminster, PA

“What a great pleasure working with all of you on Dorothy’s move.  You and your team are incredibly professional and do an outstanding job creating captivating new spaces for people who need to move.  We deeply appreciate the amazing work all of you do in challenging situations.”  All our best, Beverly and Sean L. – Langhorne, PA

“Hi Marlene!  Great work thank you and Susan.  The parents were very pleased and you and Susan went beyond what they were expecting.”  Tom C. – Villanova, PA 

“Hi Carol! Thanks again to you, Marlene and Donna for making my mom’s move absolutely effortless!!  I am beyond grateful for everything. Especially for keeping my blood pressure in check.”  Kate K. – Newtown Square, PA

“My brother and I can’t thank you enough for helping us through this rough time.  We really appreciate your efficiency and particularly your thorough communication of how things were unfolding.”  Joe N. – Portsmouth, NH

“Yes, all is well with the sisters.  They are adjusting and most appreciative of your kind service during the transition.  Your service is quite beneficial and provides comfort when in deepest need!  Thank you!  I will be forwarding information about your service to friends for future consideration.” William K. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“You and your team at STS did a superb job of assessing and balancing the competing variables – space available, existing furnishings, personal comfort, emotional needs and Rydal Park’s responsibilities/needs.  From the photos of their new quarters and our mother’s smiles, it is clear that you and your team really did a fabulous job under the unprecedented and challenging circumstances during the pandemic.  We have already forwarded your contact info along with our recommendation to some of our contemporaries who may be soon facing circumstances that may lend themselves to your services.  Thank you again.”  Dan P. – Willow Grove, PA

“Marlene, you and your staff were enormously skilled and helpful.  Made a daunting task manageable.  Very grateful.”  Robert Z. – Elkins Park, PA

“I would like to take this time to say that I am very pleased with the work that you have done for my family and I.  I can tell that the boxes that I received were packed with thoughtfulness and care and kindness, and paid strict attention to the instructions that I had given.  It has been an emotional task to unpack these boxes.  I very much appreciate the time and attention that you and Susan have given to this project.  You folks are really wonderful!”  Randy G. – Arcata, CA

“Your staff was efficient and all had a good work ethic.  Carol Knott worked tirelessly and had a good eye for placement and balance when I finally moved in.  Best wishes for continued success in your valuable service to seniors.”  Harry C. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“Thank you so much for all your hard work to help get my mother settled in her new home!  We certainly couldn’t have done it without you and we would definitely recommend your services to friends and acquaintances.” Pamela R. – Huntingdon Valley, PA

“Wanted to say again that it was a huge relief to all of us that you all were handling the post-move cleanout-out.  You took it off of Elaine’s worry list and stopped us making our millionth trip back to HV to finish up.  It meant a lot too that some of her stuff could be used even though she no longer needed it.

Thank you for boxing up the items you found.  They are in fact valuable to Elaine.  Drawings made by her mother, notes and stories written by my husband when he was little, Elaine’s lab notes from when she worked at Penn labs, a letter of recognition from Temple Law for her late husband … and the jewelry and bags were valuable too.”  Cindy B.  – Canton, MA

“Thanks so much.  You and Carol made my move possible.  Couldn’t have done it without you!” Nedda M. – Tarrytown, NY

“Marlene and her team made the overwhelming and daunting task of my parents’ move seamless! With care, compassion, precision and ease, and in less than one month from my original call, my parents are in their new home. Using Senior Transition Services was a great investment and I can’t imagine how we would have managed this move without them.”  Julie C. – Elkins Park, PA

“I would like to thank you and your crew for the help rendered during the moves of Dee’s belongings.  Your service was a big help to me located down here in Georgia.  Thank you again for your help during this difficult time.”  Richard H. – Evans, GA

“Carol was AMAZING!!!! She was so kind and gentle with my mom and dad.  She was also exceptionally detail oriented and thorough.  I am so grateful for her help. Carol helped my parents organize, pack and unpack.  She and Donna were AMAZING!  They were efficient, took care of everything and treated my parents with such kindness and dignity.  I am so very grateful for their help.  The movers (Reads), Rick, in particular were also polished, professional and highly respectful of my parents.  They too get 5 stars.”  Jenny S. – West Chester, PA

“I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you and your team for making this transition for my mom so seamless and just so great. Donna was AMAZING!!!!! I cannot say enough about her. She was the perfect fit for my mom ? and she just was so wonderful. She made this entire process so much easier for all of us… especially my mom ?. She was warm, patient and extremely thorough which is exactly what we needed to make this move go smoothly!  This whole moving/transition process is a lot… it’s overwhelming, difficult at times and emotional to say the least and Donna took all that away and just made my mom (and me!) feel at ease and as relaxed as she possibly could be during all the madness. So a THANK YOU just doesn’t seem enough!!  You guys really provide a wonderful service and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. So again… a big THANK YOU to you and Donna for everything!!” Michele S. – Lower Gwynedd, PA

“Once again thank you and your team for such a whirlwind week at 506 Taylor Crossing. I stopped in the apartment yesterday afternoon at about 1:30 and all of the work was completed. There is no way I could have completed that kind of work in 10 times the amount of time your team did. Thank you.”  Bob D. – Langhorne, PA

“The owner, Marlene Stocks, is a beautiful, compassionate person who is very thorough in the assessment process and the delivery of services.  It was a pleasure dealing with Marlene in regards to my mother’s move from independent living to assisted living.  The Senior Transition Services staff was professional and removed much of the stress and tension of relocating mother.  Marlene made certain that the next apartment was set up to the family’s satisfaction.  Indeed, I highly recommend Marlene Stocks’ Senior Transition Services and I would use this service again if necessary.”  Joyce M. – Somerdale, NJ

“I have appreciated the support from you, Carol and Donna as we moved through this long process.  You were all so caring and comforting as you provided support for my dad (and me!).  My dad is quite happy to have all of his belongings back and I think he is comfortable in his new apartment.”  Kristie R. – Massachusetts

“Again, thank you so very much for your superb care of our needs, for Dad’s affairs.  I had not been aware of a service such as yours before now.  We have many family and friends in the Philadelphia area.  If the need arises, I will wholeheartedly recommend your services.  Lou S. – Chicago, IL

“Thank you so much for making a stressful and complicated event go so smoothly.  I loved working with Donna Donnell.  She was so relaxed and fun, but totally professional and in charge.  We hit it off!!  I will recommend you heartily.  Thanks again.  P.S. Reads was great as well.”  Kenna A. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“I was very pleased with the work your associates did.” Madeline S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks so much for all your help.  Mom seems pretty happy with her ‘new’ stuff in her room.  And it does feel good to have the cleaning out of the apartment behind us.”  Nancy B. – Philadelphia, PA

“Again, thank you for a great transition for my parents and me.”  Mona A. – Denver, CO.

“Thank you for all your hard work to get me out of 858 and into Julia Drive!  I could not have done it without Carol’s hard work!  Judi P. – Conshohocken, PA

“Thank you for all that you and Donna did to make the move as smooth as possible.  I can’t stress enough how much a rock star Donna was.  She was the perfect balance of “get it done” and being empathetic to the emotions that m y mom was experiencing.”  Scott W. – Long Island, NY

“Dear Marlene, thanks so much for all of your help!  We appreciated your patience, organization, expertise and understanding.  You really went the extra mile to make Anne’s move happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.” Jerry and Winnie P. – Clarksboro, NJ

“We enjoyed working with you and your staff.  Susan was simply wonderful with Mary Ann and was extremely efficient and effective.  Thank you very much.”  Mary Ann and Gene V. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you so much for everything you and Donna M. did.  When I think of my doing all of this myself, I cringe.  You left me a beautiful space with my boxes “stuff” carefully tucked away.”  Norm S. – Philadelphia, PA 

“Senior Transitions, and especially Susan, have been seemingly untiring in your efforts, which have been extraordinary, appropriate to the circumstances, and I am deeply grateful.  I think if I had not had you folks supporting it, I would have likely been relegated to sending most of the material to the dumpster, including many of the items of importance that I was instead able to glean from the accumulation of 5 decades in the house.  I am further, fairly amazed that you folks were able to accomplish so much of this as such a low overall cost.  Particularly when I imagine the time that I would have had to invest to accomplish a fraction of what was done, this is an impressive bargain.  I unquestionably got my money’s worth and then some; thank you.  Thank you also for making this such a human experience.  I felt valued and that my parent’s possessions were treated with respect for the family and for my emotional attachment to what was in many ways just so much stuff to anyone else.  I feel very, very fortunate to have had such support in the process of letting go the physical fabric and context of most of my early life.”  Tycho S. – Santa Cruz, CA

“Dear Marlene and Carol. As always, it was a pleasure working with your company again.  I would recommend you to anyone!  Thank you so much for reducing my stress again over the last few months, and for treating my father with kindness and respect.”  Fiona G. – Boston, MA

“Excellent experience for me and my siblings.  Thank you very much for your time and care.”  Jeff C. – East Norriton, PA

“My daughters and I thank you for the gracious and competent services of you and your staff in this move.”  Peter R. – Warminster, PA

“Thanks very much for everything you did in helping my dad with his move.  It was such a relief to have someone we trusted on the ground, especially at a time when it was impossible for us to be there in person.  We really couldn’t have done it without you!” Daniel R. – Japan

“Your efforts of coordinating Barbie’s move to the Atria and laying out the floor plan, made the move very smooth. You allowed me to disintermediate myself, which was priceless. What had taken prior a weeklong effort at packing and then even months of unpacking (with Barbie’s involvement) took one day to pack and one day to unpack. The fact that she was able to walk into her new room and have everything down to the bedspread in place was a god send. It was like an HGTV special. She was in tears as was her aid when they saw the room.  She was immediately comfortable. And she’s so far ahead of where she was with her last moves. Your ability to work with Seniors is outstanding. Working through all the little details one by one. I would use you for all Barbie’s moves in the future, but hopefully fingers crossed this is her forever home.”  Rebecca – Lambertville, NJ 

“Absolutely super job!  So much appreciated.”  Les S. – Wayne, PA

“Thank you for all that your staff did.  Carol is wonderful; she and Donna did not stop all day and made Carolyn’s move a wonderful experience … She raved about them again when I spoke with her!”  Judi P. – Conshohocken, PA

“First let me compliment you and your staff for a job well done.  Thanks again to you and your team for making this transition go so well.”  Albert P. – Sarasota, FL

“Frances and I cannot thank you enough for all of your help.  Without the Senior Transition’s team we would never have been able to manage the move out of our mom’s apartment, particularly during these trying times.  We can’t thank you enough.”  Mary D. – Amherst, MA

“We continue to be so appreciative of all the help STS gave us.  Without all of you, we might have been stuck in a house with many stairs and Charles would still be in a small back bedroom.  Or – the best case – we would be in this apartment but it would have been chaotic and we could have been without many essential items.  Please send out our best to Susan and the rest of your staff.”  Sally S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for all you did.  We could not have done this without you.  My mother raved over you.” Ronald M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks, yes, I do not think we could of handled the move on our own.” Bruce M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you, Marlene, for all the work that you and the team did to make our move possible.  It really was an astonishing feat.  Our particular thanks to Susan who kept her cool at times I thought we could not bring this off, but thanks also to Donna and Carol who stayed cheerful and supportive in all the chaos of last Wednesday.”  Sally S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks again for all of your services and advice.  They were extremely helpful in negotiating my downsizing and move.”  Robert S. – Groveland, MA

“I want to thank you for your services and the girls (Susan, Carol, Donna and Mary).  Susan is amazing! Thank you again!”  Elaine H. – Philadelphia, PA

“I can’t tell you how much we have appreciated Susan’s efforts and friendship with Phyllis.  I know it meant so much to Phyllis, and it gave us peace of  mind, since we don’t live nearby.  Susan made it so easy to keep up with everything happening in Phyllis’ life.  She is absolutely wonderful.” Deb P. – Pittsburgh, PA

“My family has benefitted from Marlene’s team twice: first in 2014 when I had to move my parents (suddenly, while both were hospitalized) to a senior community and a second time moving my mother to a skilled care facility (after another hospitalization). The first time we worked with Marlene, she recreated my parents home in the new apartment. It was AMAZING. I could focus on their medical needs while she managed the stuff. It was (not kidding) like ‘the big reveal’ that you see on TV shows. Marlene’s staff can do this work quickly, efficiently, and economically. Her staff works faster than I could have done this and coordinated donations. TWICE. Her services saved our family money because we could close out the unused house/apartment FAST, saving carrying costs. She found and saved family treasures for us (grandfather’s baby dress!). Do not hesitate to call Marlene. She will take care of your stuff and thereby, your family. This business gets highest, highest recommendation and deepest and most heartfelt thanks.”  Jacqui I. – Warminster, PA

“Thanks so much to all of you for making my relocation such a pleasure!”  Jim T. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“Thanks to all of you who made the move possible. It was a very successful event and I dreaded it until it was over and I could breathe again.  We are delighted with your services and the personnel you recommend.” Barbara and Bill A. – Southampton, PA

“We can’t thank you and your team enough, Marlene!” Amy O. – Phoenixville, PA

“Thank you for your great work again.  Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime.  They are still thrilled with their new home.  Appreciate all your help.”  Beth K. – Chicago, IL

“I want to commend the two women you assigned me to set up my new apartment – Donna Donnell and Carol Knott.  It was Old Home Week when they met up Jim, Rick and Scott from Reads, and everyone’s good cheer and patience helped a long day pass.  They came up with interesting ways of displaying my books and framed snapshots, and in sorting and storing things that helped me see my things in a new light.  They were wonderfully patient and hard-working yesterday.  With thanks and best regards”, Jean C. – Philadelphia, PA

“Please know that your services were much appreciated; I could not have done it without your assistance.  Donna was a wonder!!!”  Deborah K. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks for your help with my Dad’s move!”  Susannah H. – Media, PA

“Thanks again for the help with closing up my mother’s room at Foulkeways a few weeks ago.  Once again, you really provided great help; Carol was terrific.  I am going to call on you in a few weeks to start my work here in our house.”  Marka S. – Elkins Park, PA

“I appreciate the great help and support that you and Carol provided.”  Don C. – Philadelphia, PA

“My mom was going to need Hospice care and we needed to clear out her Independent living apartment as she was going to skilled. To me this was a Brobdingnagian task. I had friends who had used Senior Transition Services more than once and highly recommended them. From the moment I called, I felt cared for. Marlene Stocks came to meet me and I felt relief. Carol and Donna were amazing. Everything was done according to the schedule and I felt comfortable. This is an incredibly hard time for anyone and I can’t commend them enough.”  Fredda B. – Media, PA

“Thank you for your kind and helpful service.”  Marshall F. – Warminster, PA

“Thank you for your assistance to PPH.  The apartment is beautifully set up.”  Dana C. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you very much for helping us with my mother’s move to Rosemont.  Your company was such a help, and you all worked quickly to help us.  Every staff member was friendly and helpful.  I will recommend your company to anyone I meet that is in need of downsizing, or relocating to a smaller home.  Also, I think your prices are quite reasonable considering how much work needs to be done.

The move yesterday was great.  The moving men were cheerful and careful and Carol is a delightful person to spend time with.  Thank you so much for helping us and doing it so quickly and efficiently.”  Donna P. – Conshohocken, PA

“My heartiest congratulations on STS reaching 1,000 customers!  Your wonderful service provides comfort and peace of mind to your clients and to their families, so in truth you have helped many, many more than just 1,000! Best wishes and thank you for all you do.”  Pat A. – Doylestown, PA

“Marlene, everything looks good at my mother’s house.  Thank you.  I would certainly recommend you to any friend who may need your services.”  Kathy M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Many thanks for the wonderful help your entire team gave me for a smooth move.  But Susan Hartmann deserves special praise – She was super, flexible, willing, patient and a great organizer.  I could not have done it without her.  As a result I am settling in comfortably and happily – still finding too much stuff I brought but sorting out!  Be sure to thank everyone!”  Fondly, Jean R. – Philadelphia, PA

“Donna and her helper worked with Kathy at Solana and they did a FABULOUS job on the apartment!!  Everything fit and it looks very attractive and homey.  We are really pleased.  Thank you!  I would recommend all your team to anyone!”  Pat S. – Maple Glen, PA

“We are pleased with the move and your staff.  Because of your staff  ‘we are home’.  Thank you Carol, Donna and Donna.”  Jim and Hilde M. – Southampton, PA

“I want to let you know how happy I am with the job that Carol, and the 2 Donna’s did today.  They are very efficient and caring and I believe went out of their way to make this move easier for me and my aunt.  So please let them know my feelings and thank them again for me.”  Louis H. – Horsham, PA

“Marlene and Carol – Thanks for everything! You both were great.” Stacy C. – Phoenixville, PA

“You and your team did a wonderful job!  Thank you for everything!” Richard W.  – New York, NY

“Thank you.  We would not have been able to do this without your help.”  Karen C. – Philadelphia, PA

“The purpose of this note is to introduce you to Marlene Stocks, Owner & President of Senior Transition Services, Inc.  Marlene’s team was terrific in assisting us with moving mom out of Independent Living and into Assisted Living at The Hill.  Our whole family was really impressed!  I think Senior Transition Services could be helpful to other Hill residents down the line so I wanted to recommend that you consider adding them to your list of trusted service providers.” Craig S. – Warrington, PA 

“Just wanted to tag on to my brother’s email to echo his enthusiasm about Senior Transition Services, Inc. My sister-in-law, Kim, found them through a friend who raved about their assistance in her parents’ transition. And now here we are with our own kudos and raves.  Marlene and Donna Donnell (our on-deck worker bee) were an absolute delight to collaborate with in this transition endeavor. Professional, hard-working, empathetic, wise and also with great humor and compassion. They truly facilitated this arduous process and were worth every penny. And completely agree that it would be such a huge asset to The Hill at Whitemarsh to add Senior Transition Services Inc to you list of trusted providers. Truly an ace team and the best part was that our Mama was their number one concern.”  Patricia S. – Philadelphia, PA 

“I can only add to my siblings kudos, from a distance here in Vermont, that Marlene was a constant source of reassurance, as she gently guided us through this transition process, always with her focus on how does this work for mom…  Feeling deeply grateful to Marlene and Donna.”  Kathy W. – Vermont

“Thank you for helping us through this emotionally and physically exhausting time!  Mom’s new place reflects her love of pretty things and surrounds her with the furnishings that she loves, all of which helped her to feel at home.  We are very thankful for your help in organizing the new apartment, procuring a mover, boxing up books and staying for the Vet’s pick up.  Your help was much appreciated!” Vicky N. – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“Thank you all so much.  You did a great job!” Charles R. – Nazareth, PA

“Carol, I wanted to say, thank you SO MUCH.  Your patience and expertise made an emotionally (and physically) heavy job much lighter.  You were a joy to work with – and fun!  There aren’t words to express how grateful I am. I’m looking forward to Dad enjoying his new apartment; it’s been a long time coming.”  Erika N. – New York, NY

“Marlene, you and your team have been a big help!  Thank you very much.” Carol Ann B. – Phoenixville, PA

“Thanks very much to you Marlene and all your team – Donna, Mack and Robert – for the help to clean out my house so I could move to Lafayette Redeemer.  God’s blessings to you all.”  Dolores G. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for a job well done.”  Mary Jane C. – Warminster, PA 

“Senior Transition Services facilitated our move from a large house to an apartment in a retirement community in the most effective and most agreeable way possible.  Every person from STS with whom we dealt was extraordinarily helpful, patient, efficient, and pleasant.  It could not have been a better experience.  Carol was the main person we worked with.  She was terrific.  We have only highest praise also for Marlene, Donna and Susan.”  Ken and Joanne F. – Gwynedd, PA 

“It was a pleasure to work with you and the girls (Carol and Donna).  They did a wonderful job and were very professional.  I would highly recommend you.”  Kathy F. – Sellersville, PA

“Thank you for all your help – you and Donna are truly angels on earth.” Mary H. – Wynnewood, PA

“Thank you Marlene.  You absolutely made the process easier for us.  It was oddly comforting to have someone who knew my mother take care of her things.”  Janice W. – San Francisco, CA

“Marlene and Carol, thanks so much for your years of calm, organized, cheerful and compassionate (and efficient) assistance! Mary and I loved working with you.”  Karen S. – Oakland, CA

“I still greatly appreciate the services that you, Bob and the team gave to us. Our family benefits every day (even 5 years later) from the work you did in early 2014. I don’t know how I would have made it through the last 5 years without the work you did for our family. You and your team organized a major life transition in a way that was durable and sustainable. One of the big worries for seniors who wait too long to move like my parents, is that something will be discarded and needed later. Your gentle but thorough approach led to the correct amount of stuff being kept. At NO time did my parents ask for an item that could be located. It’s been 5 years. On the rare occasions that they did look for something …it was right where they left it or in the logical and organized place that your staff put it.  Thanks again for all you do so well!”  Jacqui Ioli, PhD, CRNP – Elkins Park, PA

“Thanks again for all the help!  I could never have done it without your wonderful people!”  Sue S. – Doylestown, PA

“When our children Joe, Nancy and Julie gifted us the hours to help us move and sell our home we didn’t know what it meant.  We didn’t know how it would work.  Well, you arrived at our home and described how it works and made suggestions that would make our house more appealing to a buyer.  You put us at ease and we felt very confident you and your team could guide us through this journey to the Masonic Village.  We felt confident to be able to engage a realtor and establish a moving date.

Susan re-enforced that trust issue when people have to make the monumental decisions for a life change.  She made us feel it could be done without a lot of craziness.  Susan had the rare ability to see and feel what was important to my husband and me.  Joe’s books were a challenge as to what to give up and what to keep from three bookcase to one.  Susan handled 21 banker boxes herself to be donated to the veterans organization.  When it came time to move the books that were in one bookcase she photographed the bookcase and when we got to the apartment on moving day every book was as Joe had originally arranged them.  It was such a comfort and totally overwhelming for us that she took the time to put those books back in order. Joe was so impressed!

The Veterans Multi-Service Center sent caring, hardworking gentlemen on two occasions.  Reads Moving Systems was as caring as you and Susan.  Brian Moran and Betty Kelly handled everything professionally and with caring people.  We would recommend them to anyone.

Susan and her team of two women (sorry I do not recall their names) unpacked and arranged the apartment.  It was so easy for us to pick-up our lives and start anew at the Masonic Village.  Thank you isn’t enough!!!!

Susan’s efforts to find a contact for costume jewelry and a painting as well as replacing a piece that was broken in the move is incredible.  We see that you employ the best people.  Good job!!!  We have never met Dot who was our contact person.  Kudo’s!!  What a professional caring lady!”  Angie and Joe M. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“Thank you so much for the assistance provided.  I could not have managed moving day without the help of Carol and Donna.  They knew just where to begin and continued through the day with enthusiasm, warmth and humor; even making my bed (what a special touch – so greatly appreciated).  Bonnie M. – Lansdale, PA

“I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in getting mom moved into her new assisted living apartment.  Having the floor plan was so very helpful with the movers and placement of her furniture.  Also having the ladies come and help her go through items on the bookshelf and empty it.  Then making arrangements to have her donations picked up.”  Linda S. – Virginia

“Thank you for all your help.  It made my life a lot easier.  It was a pleasure meeting and working with you all.”  Pat H. D. – Wayne, PA

“John really thought the world of you guys, as do I.  Thanks for all you did for us.”  Lorrie S. – Philadelphia, PA

“I appreciate all you and Carol and the team did for me!”  Nida O. –  Lansdale, PA

“THANK YOU for all your help with Mom’s move.  I really can’t imagine what it would have been like without your services.  Everyone was wonderful and so hard-working.  We are very appreciative of how much you did to make this transition smooth.  Mom seems very happy at Chestnut Pointe.”  Martha M. – Wilmington, DE

“Marlene, you can’t imagine how the professionalism, warmth, and support that all of you have provided during this time helped mom and the family through the transition.  The place looks gorgeous!  Mom couldn’t believe how everything was also put away so carefully.  I also appreciate the recommendations that Donna and Carol made for me to add later.  This made all the difference for us.”  Wendy H. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for everything!  Could not have done it without you and Susan, Donna, Carol and Dot.  Wishing y’all good health and much happiness always!  You all are the best!”  Shirley and Saul L. – Blue Bell, PA

This testimonial was sent to JoAnn Kaupp, the personal moving consultant at Pennswood Village.  “This is to say how happy we were with the concerned, efficient and professional way Carol and Donna carried out the move, and with the creative organizational skills and engaging professional manner of STS Owner, Marlene Stocks.  JoAnn, having such services and able professionals available through Pennswood has made our move a source of happy outcomes”.  Deidre and Steve – Newtown, PA

“Adele and I want to thank you, Susan, and Senior Transitions for making our recent move considerably less stressful than it would otherwise have been.  In fact, I can’t imagine how we could have accomplished it – downsizing from a house with forty-five years of accumulated stuff – without your help.  Susan provided advice, assistance, and moral support at every step of the process.  We are very grateful for all of your good work and would happily recommend Senior Transitions to anyone going through this difficult process.”  Paul and Adele E. – Gwynedd, PA

“Thanks so much for everything.  We could not have done this without you.”  Licia M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks so much for everything.  We are enjoying our apartment and everything look great!”  Elinor P. – Warminster, PA

“It‘s almost two years to the day that you and your colleagues moved Ann and me into Cathedral Village. If you were to walk into our apartment today, you would find that with one exception, your plan remains completely intact. (The exception is a beautiful painting by a daughter-in-law of a beloved scene on Squirrel Island in Maine.) The secret of your success is that you an Susan made a point of getting to know us, so that when we moved, it was not so much that Ann and I moved; rather is was our home with us in it that you moved to Cathedral Village. We felt completely “at home” from the first day, and for that we were very grateful. Now, two years later, I still feel completely at home, even without the company of my better half. And I can assure that Ann was of exactly the same opinion.  The purpose of this note is just to let you and Susan know your good work continues to be greatly appreciated. We were most thankful for your sensitivity to us and our needs. Even more so as time goes on.”  Karl S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you, Marlene.  You made all the difference.” Tally B. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you all so much for the help.  Couldn’t have done it without you.”  Roi A. – Philadelphia, PA 

“The three of you were a fantastic help.  And we already feel totally at home in Cathedral Village.  Again, thanks.”  Joan and Joel C. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you so much for your assistance.  I couldn’t have done this without you.”  Dolores G. – Fort Washington, PA

“Thanks to you and Susan for all your help and expertise.  I really don’t think it would have come together without you.  Special thanks to Susan for her patience and good humor!”  Dale B. – Sunny Florida

“We appreciate the help Susan gave us & are looking forward to seeing mom’s furniture in her new apartment.”  Ricki M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for making my move so pleasant!!”  Alice S. – Philadelphia, PA 

“Tammi and I owe you a very big thanks.  This would have not happened without your vision and dedicated staff.  Carol did an amazing service for all of us.  I think things will work out for Sandy at the Watermark. We’ll get in touch when we’re ready to start the next phase.”  Eric S. – Wyncote, PA

“Thanks for the efficient and pleasant services – the women were super!!!”  Zelda S. – Warminster, PA

“Thanks for everything.  Donna was great!” Clifford H. – Philadelphia, PA 

“I spent the first night in my new apartment!  It feels like home.  I am so happy with the work Carol and Donna did for me.  Those ladies are dynamos.  Thank you Marlene, and your helpers for making this transition so easy.”  Barbara S. – Holland, PA

“Thanks Marlene.  I appreciate all your help.  You and Susan made me feel that I had a partner to help me with a very stressful situation.”  Karen L. – North Wales, PA

“Thank you for your invaluable help in dealing with the clearing out of my mom’s condo.  It was not an easy process, as you mentioned, but it was made far more bearable by your kindness, empathy, and experience.  It was money well-spent, and I’m appreciative of all that you did to ease me through this difficult task.  It was a pleasure meeting and working with you.”  Jan K. – Clark Summit, PA

“Thanks so much to you and your team.  Donna is a pleasure in so many ways; her help and support were invaluable to me.” Lucia W. – Elkins Park, PA

“You are very lovely and a pleasure to work with.  Thanks for helping me.  You did a great job.”  Charlotte L. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the job performed by Senior Transition Services. First, the customer service at all levels was prompt, excellent, and compassionate. Marlene made herself available to me by cell phone, text and email, which was so helpful to me as a busy physician living 6+ hours away from my parents. She involved me in her interactions with my father and provided me with copies of the contract, floor plan, and photos. Every request and desired time frame for the move was accomplished. Reade’s Moving Systems works with you often and was a good reference which came through slightly under budget. Donna was there for both days of the move and was a bundle of energy and organization. She provided my father with expert guidance about what to keep and discard, and unpacked his belongings in a way that made sense in the various cupboards and closets in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. She provided the necessary “female” touch to the move which my mother can no longer provide to my father and I was not able to provide as I am so far away. There is no way I could have done this without you. I recommend your company without reservation to anyone going through this difficult transition. I am so grateful.” Fiona G. – Boston, MA

“Thanks to all of you.”  Sherry S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks again for all of your help.  I couldn’t have done it without your direction.”  Linda F. – Haverford, PA 

“Marlene, I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with your services and your employees.  You were amazing with my mother and created a terrific floor plan for her new apartment.  Susan and Donna were both an absolute delight to work with and set up the apartment better than I ever could have hoped.” Nancy T. – New York, NY

“Susan, there are no words to adequately express how grateful I am to you and Donna for all your support these past few days.  You both went way beyond the call of duty and helped to make this difficult transition so much easier and pleasant for us.  Please know how much I appreciate everything you did and how patient you were with us.  Just wanted to say thanks!” Nancy T. – New York, NY

“Marlene, Susan and Donna, you are awesome!  Thank you so much for everything!  It was a pleasure working with you!”  Joanne K. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you all, for such wonderful support in this difficult transition.  Your valuable insights, calm demeanor, wonderful friendship and supportive guidance made this possible … your whole team is FANTASTIC!!!  Donna has indeed been just WONDERFUL, SUPER, beyond kind words!!  SO thanks her for us a million times.”  Bruce B. – Beaverton, OR

“Thank you, Carol, again for your hard work and dedication to helping our family.  Your tireless efforts were greatly appreciated. My husband and I are forever grateful for your guidance in this difficult transition.  We will ‘spread the word’ about your amazing company!”  Judy and Marshall S. – Blue Bell, PA

“You were all fantastic.  We can’t thank you enough.  I have been singing your praises to everyone and will highly recommend you whenever we can. ”  Licia M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Many thanks to Susan and your staff for managing this move for Tad M.”  Eileen M. – Moorestown, NJ

“Donna was amazing.”  Lori W. – Alabama

“Once again you helped me in a busy time.  Your company and the work your staff does is truly a blessing!  Carol was so nice to work with.  It felt like we were working with a friend.  She was so prepared and efficient; it made things so easy.  I hope to see you soon and from the bottom of my heart – thank you!”  Elaine K. – Huntingdon Valley, PA

“Thank you for all your help!  Awesome – Friendly – Efficient – Good humored!  So appreciative!”  Pat W. – Philadelphia, PA

“Wow! Your team did a wonderful job setting up my chaos and I am grateful.” Marianne W. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“Thank you so much for great service!  Especially Carol and Donna.  They were fantastic!  It’s hard to do and hard to get adjusted with no family near.  But “the girls” were wonderful!” Kathy R. – Holland, PA

“I was very satisfied with your company’s services and I’d like particularly to commend Susan for her helpfulness and accessibility in facilitating my transition to the Quadrangle.  I’m becoming adjusted to living at the Quad and feeling at home.” Lillian S. – Haverford, PA

“Thanks very much for the help that you and Susan provided.  By the way, I thought that Susan was terrific.  It really made this move much easier.  I plan on calling you in a few weeks to help with beginning to sort through and sell the things that I have here in Elkins Park.  I was so happy with your services, I am telling everyone I know about you!”  Marka S. – Elkins Park, PA

“I am incredibly grateful to you all.  I was definitely overwhelmed by the thought of clearing my aunt’s lifetime of possessions on my own.  It was an insurmountable task that you made so easy.  I will be sure to share information of your thoughtful and thorough work with others.” Betsy M. – Bryn Mawr, PA

“We really liked Susan!”  Amy R. – Greenville, SC

“Thank you so much for all you and your team did to make Kim’s move as smooth as possible. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without you. Susan and Carol are amazing. Both so patient and kind, and organized! Please pass on my thanks. I will be sure to recommend you wholeheartedly to others I come across with a similar need.”  Erin A. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for all your help with Mom’s move!  I cannot express in words my gratitude and the amount of stress you took off my shoulders!” Karen R. – Dresher, PA

“I will take this opportunity to thank you for all that you, Susan and Carol did for my dad, Ed.  Hiring you and your team was a wise choice; thanks again.  Wishing continued success!”  Lisa K.

“Happy New Year to all of you!  Don and I would like to express our gratitude one more time!  You are the family member of an outstanding, honest and very professional company.  We are blessed to be well taken care of by you all.”  Kyung-Ae and Don G. – Tallahassee, FL

“Thank you both for making this move much easier and less stressful for us.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”  Fred N. – Huntingdon Valley, PA

“I thank your team for all your kind services in my and my sister’s name.” Ainara W. – Lacey, WA

“Thanks so much for all your help – Susan was great and the move went really smoothly and took a lot of stress off my shoulders.” Theresa G. – Merion Station, PA

“Your services were so helpful to my parents!”  Marsha F. – Cambridge, MA

“I talk about you and your work whenever people talk about clearing out a home or apt. Of course, they aren’t in the Philly area but I hope they find someone like you.” Andrea K. – Silver Spring, MD

“Thank you for sending your team to clean out our basement.  They were an excellent pair – fun to be with and efficient.  Your men did a wonderful job and were a delight to have.”  Anne and Morris K. – Villanova, PA

“Thanks again for your help!  I will be happy to act as a reference for your and your company.”  Paul B. – Philadelphia, PA

“I have nothing but praise and good things to say about the help I received from both you and Carol.  I really appreciate that you fit me into your workload with very short notice and provided excellent insights with the attention to detail that I needed.  Carol was great too.  Her high energy and willingness to try various options and help me to a conclusion was just what I needed.  I am very thankful that she helped me get a couple of extra pieces (coffee table and end table) as well as some empty cartons back to my house and into my basement.  She literally lightened my load that day.  Bottom line, if we were in school, I’d give you an A+.”  Judy B. – Bryn Mawr

“Abbie and I can’t thank you and your crew enough!  We appreciate all your hard work!” Sue D. – Knoxville, TN

“Thank you very much for all your help with my mother’s move.  The transition was very smooth because of that. She is delighted with the way her new apartment was set up, and she likes living at Atria. Amazingly, everything seems to be in one piece and the apartment looks beautiful. I’m very relieved that all went well.  The help from STS was indispensable and a great relief from what would have been an impossible job. I wanted to add that it was very good to have Carol’s involvement and genuine cheerfulness.  She completely brightened what would have been unthinkable and impossible otherwise. ” Diane M. – Nova Scotia, Canada

“Thank you so much for providing support for me as I transition into the next phase of my life.  It has been a PLEASURE working with you and with Carol Knott !!!”  Shirley M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you again for all your services.  There is no way I could have accomplished this move on my own.  Carol is a gem – for sure.  First showings on the house were today – it is empty and clean!!  I’ve been praising your company to anyone who will listen.”  Sue O. – Gwynedd, PA

“I just wanted to let you know that we moved our Mom last Thursday and it went as well as could be expected.  Your space plan was a tremendous help and simplified the move into her new apartment.  Thanks again.”  Leo J. – Philadelphia, PA

“A huge thank you to  Carol and Donna for setting up my mother’s apartment. It’s great, she’s very happy with it, and she’s delighted with how her artwork, furniture and everything else was arranged. So am I! Thank you to everyone at STS for all your good work.” Diane M. – Nova Scotia, Canada

“When we found out that we had a month to vacate my mother’s independent-living cottage due to her move into assisted living, my brothers and I panicked. We weren’t just packing her things and calling a truck – we had to downsize considerably. Senior Transition Services came in, assessed Mom’s belongings – then not only coordinated the packing and pickup of donatable items but, thinking out of the box, found a home for our family’s beloved heirloom grandfather clock;  none of us had room for it and we couldn’t bear to think of it on an auction block. Many thanks to Marlene, Dot, and Donna for going above and beyond and shouldering our family’s stress during an emotionally difficult time.” Carla O. – Ottsville, PA

“I just want to tell you how I have very pleased I was with the two men you sent to pick up trash. They were very helpful very accommodating and  very polite and very everything so I want you to know that they did a great job. Thank you again for sending them.”  Sallie O. – Philadelphia, PA 

“Words fail us as they are a weak attempt to express our appreciation for all that you have done and continue to do for us. As you know, Arlene and I have contemplated a move to Rydal Park for many years, always delaying that move for various reasons, either out of reluctance to give up the house or trepidation due to financial considerations or for the mundane excuse of what to do with all of our “stuff”.

Your caring, your knowledge, your expertise, your management and attention to detail of the entire process, your superb attention to the smallest detail (like how to wrap our glass paper weights), your meticulous handling of how to and what to……donate, consign, auction, clean-out, dispose of, de-clutter, downsize and all of the minutia that you and only you and your outstanding team members could undertake to resolve.

As to your team members, you have infused them with the highest degree of enthusiasm for the work they undertake. Friendly, caring, respectful, knowledgeable and all gilded with the sole purpose of smoothing the transition. I would be remiss if I did not give a special thank you to Susan. A delightful sprite of an individual with an enormous capacity for sometimes arduous lifting and moving…..but most of all, a bountiful sense of humor that both Arlene and myself understand and appreciate.

To Mack, thank you for all that you do and for making our garage as clean and pristine as the day we moved into the house over 54 years ago. (And especially for the TV table modification)

To Bob, a very, very special thanks, your help in doing the very difficult task of “stuff” transport to the off-site storage unit . A very special appreciation in very special ways for you.

This could not have been successfully accomplished without you. All as successfully accomplished with military precision and a victorious conclusion.” Ed and Arlene Z. – Rydal, PA

“Thank you for your help.  I really appreciate it.  My kitchen is great.  I really can reach the things I need, Donna.  It was wonderful to work with you.”  Arlene S. – Warminster, PA

“Thank you for all your help.” Joyce K. – Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ

“Four years ago my husband and I used Senior Transition Services to help with moving my mother-in-law to a continuing care retirement center.  Recently we engaged Marlene again to assist with her move to an assisted living unit.  Sadly, my mother-in-law had misplaced her platinum wedding band and engagement ring and despite her children searching everything in her apartment multiple times, the rings were considered truly lost, probably mistakenly discarded.  During the pack up. Carol Knott. saved the day with her discovery of the rings hidden underneath wrappings in the bottom of a small box.  What joy this brought the family!  The rings would be long gone had we not had the professional support provided by Senior Transition Services!” Pat L. – Ambler, PA

“I want to thank you for your interest in my moving problems.  It was an overwhelming experience, but you and your assistants helped to make it easier for an 88 year old lady.  Carol and Donna were wonderful and I adopted Carol because I loved her.  Couldn’t have done it without your team.” Elayne S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks for a job so well done.  I appreciate everything you did for me.”  Florence L. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks for your help; the whole process provided us with some sense of order and a good road map for my mother’s impending move.” Leo J. – Philadelphia, PA

“I want to thank you for all that you’ve done, your time, your advice, and your kindness.  You made a difference for me and my daughters during a crazy and difficult time.”  Susan R. – Abington, PA

“Carol, words cannot express how much I thank you for all your support during my transition to Lafayette.  I could never have made it without your help.  Bless you and may your life be filled with happiness. Love to my second daughter.”  Elayne S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Enclosed is my check for your invaluable assistance with my move to Cathedral Village.  My profound thanks for your – and your staff’s help in making the move much less painful than I had anticipated.  Susan is a gem and Carol a marvelous helper.”  Claire M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Donna has been a tremendous help – organized, good humored, flexible, understanding.”  Jill S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for the quick reply and for arranging the trash pickup (those guys are amazing and really can get a lot of stuff into the truck!).  Susan is excellent and has made downsizing not only easier, but almost fun.  And I have never seen anyone who can pack as quickly and carefully as she can.  We are very glad that we contracted with your company.”  Linda K. – Philadelphia, PA

“So pleased we have your kind of service to reply on!  Susan, Carol and the others are impressive organizers/workers.  A pleasure to watch them in action!” Thor K. – Philadelphia, PA

“Susan & Carol, what a great job you did! I could not believe how well everything looked. Again, truly a terrific job.”  Bruce L. – Philadelphia, PA

“This morning I was so glad to receive your report that the donations were removed and the basement cleared.  What a relief!  I hope you fully appreciate what an enormous help your services provides, especially for BIG OVERWHELMING TASKS like these two.” Linda B. – London, England

“Donna, thank you again for all that you have done and to Marlene for arranging so much in such a short time. It’s an emotional time, and I appreciate your guidance and understanding towards my mother and me during this transition. When my husband and I downsize, I know who to call !” Kathy R. – Malvern, PA

“Thank you ALL for the excellent help! May sound trite, but literally…couldn’t have done it without you. Your help with the plan was super. Carol is a treasure, and it was nice to meet Dot. I will breathe for a while and then be in touch.” Sue and Dick O. – Gwynedd, PA

“I just wanted to express my sincere thank you to Susan & Carol for an outstanding job with my Aunt Carol’s move in. My daughter and I would never have been able to handle the day without them.  Not only were they super efficient they were also fun to work with.  Thank you for all your help with my many phone calls and emails.  It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff.” Barbara D. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks for everything!!!  Mary B. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you very much, Carol, for your help and very professional work.  Again, thank you for your very thoughtful work you did on the condo.”  Steven D. – Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for your assistance in staging our home for sale.  Today we signed the agreement of sale. It truly was a win – win situation.  I will be sure to recommend you to others in the future.”  Connie M. – Ambler, PA

“I can’t believe it’s been over a year now since the move.  I was reflecting on this past year and was thinking about the move.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks again for making the move as smooth as it could be.  You and your team just did an amazing job planning, designing the room, packing, coordinating all the ancillary services and executing.  I could have NEVER begun to do this on my own for my mother.  It was such a tough transition, out of a house my mother had been in for close to 60 years.  Honestly, in looking back, I just don’t know how I could have done it without you.  Donna was so amazing helping my mom pack the house.  It was flawless.  I can’t think of one thing that didn’t exceed my expectations.”  Al J. – Radnor, PA

“Carol, you are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for the services you provided so caringly and well.  Thanks again for all you and Marlene and your team have done.  You are extraordinary and greatly appreciated.  Dad’s move would never have been so smooth and sensitive to his needs without her hard work, extra efforts and kindness. Thank you a million times!”  Jamie K. – Gainesville, FL

“I want to tell you how pleased I am with STS services.  You, Carol and Donna were terrific to work with.  The move was as stress-free as possible due to your services.  Thank you so much for a smooth moving process!!”  Elayne L. – Willow Grove, PA

“Thank you all so much, especially Carol. I enjoyed working with you again! I am grateful and relieved. ” Karen S. – Oakland, CA

“We had a very successful move this weekend. Dot was so very helpful and was exceptional. My husband and I wouldn’t have lasted the end of the day without her packing the rest of the old apartment. The movers were great and also did exceptional job. All in all a really good day and pretty exhausted. But my mom really liked the setup in her new apartment. I know there are things she will adjust to but she didn’t act or say anything negative when she saw it. Whew. I am very grateful for your services and your staff. Please thank Carol and Dot for me. What’s that saying … it takes a village….  Again, thank you so much for everything.” Lisa C. – Hyannis, MA

“I wish to thank you for the help you and Sue provided.  The transition was made as smoothly as possible.” Joe B. – Baltimore, MD

“Thank you and Susan for all of your hard, good work.”  Jonathan L. – Wynnewood, PA

“I surely do appreciate Senior Transitions superb services.” Judy K. – Henderson, NV

“We deeply appreciate your caring, efficient and timely work — especially so because it was done during the Thanksgiving holiday. Truly, you went “above and beyond.” It would be a privilege to provide you references should you wish them!”  Wil H. – Oakland, CA

“We can not imagine how we would have accomplished the move from 522 to Waverly without (Susan and Carol’s) help.  We are incredibly grateful for all of your efforts and team work and encouragement throughout the process.  We cannot thank you enough and sing your praises for a job so well done.  Thank you for your well wishes, we are all hoping that this is a happy and welcoming new chapter in mom’s life.  It is a journey but with help from people like you all it seems less daunting.   Again our most sincere thanks.”  Torii J. – Lynchburg, VA

“Burt and I thank you for all the work.  We could not have moved without you.” Louise L. – Philadelphia, PA

“Happy New Year to all of you who worked tirelessly for us! We would like to thank you again and thank Carol’s super+ job!  She is a gem.  With gratitude and best wishes to your excellent company.” Kyung G. – Tallahassee, FL

“Thank you again for all of your work in helping me with Mom’s estate.” Dale M. – Bensalem, PA

“Susan was a dream to work with.  Please use me as a positive referral. We could not have moved out of our Rydal house without your guidance and help.  Larry and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a job well done.”  Harriet W. – Philadelphia, PA 

“Thank you Marlene for your excellent service.  We have more peace of mind regarding this move.  We’ll certainly recommend you to our friends.”  Kay H. – Richboro, PA

“Spoke to my brother this afternoon and he told me both you and Carol did a terrific job moving my Aunt and Uncle.  I just wanted to write and thank both of you for your assistance throughout the transition including what still needs to be done in cleaning out the rest of their home.  You kept telling me all would work well and not to worry and that’s exactly what came true.  You are true professionals and made their transition as easy as it could have been for two 90 sums. Many thanks and best wishes for the upcoming holiday season.”  John F. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Senior Transition Services is absolutely wonderful! My Dad moved from his condo where he had lived for almost 15 years to a one-bedroom apartment at the Masonic Village. Marlene and her team were a huge help on the day of the move. They were 1 step ahead in packing up the condo and setting up the new apartment. They took the sheets off the bed, brought refrigerator bags to pack up the food, and brought a happy atmosphere to the situation that put both my father and myself at ease.  When we arrived at the new apartment, they put everything in its proper place. They even hung up the bath towels and put on a clean set of sheets. I really don’t know how we would have done this move without their help! It would have taken us a week to get things put away and organized without their help! When they left, my Dad was settled in and confident that he made the right choice moving to the Masonic Village. Senior Transition Services is a must! Worth every penny!”  JLH – Blue Bell, PA

“Thanks for taking the ‘stress’ out of a stressful situation.  Donna and Carol were so helpful, organized and concerned for my well being.  The move could not have been better.  Again, many thanks.” Joan L. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you so much for your kind note and your continued consideration of my mom!  She is doing well at Greenfield and is happy there.  Your respectful, gentle treatment of her and her move is largely responsible for how well things are going.  You have earned our confidence!  Again, our sincere thanks!”  Georgette D. – Phoenixville, PA

“Your ladies are the best! We couldn’t have gotten through our move so smooth without all of your professional help.  We have spread the word to all our friends and family for anyone that may need your help to call you.  Thanks again.”  Ethel and Charlie Z. – Southampton, PA

“I am well settled and happy in my new home. Covenant Village is a very friendly community and offers so many opportunities to serve, as well as life enrichment programs. Thank you for your part in accomplishing the move.  My best to Susan and Marlene.” Pat H. – Northbrook, IL

“We would like to thank you and especially Carol, for making my dad feel so settled in his new home. It’s a big change, of course, but it was extremely helpful for him to have all of his things unpacked and set up for his first night there.  And as you know, Carol is really delightful to work with.  Thanks very much.”  Monica V. – Philadelphia, PA

“We are grateful for all the helpful assistance you and your staff offered to us through all aspects of our move to Meadowood. We were impressed with the care you gave to us personally and managing all our stuff in an organized manner, We can’t begin to think how we could have made the move without your expert, professional system. We shall gladly tell others about your services. Sincere thanks to you and the members of your “team.”  John and Maggie H. – Worcester, PA

“Thank you very much for all of your help!”  Mike D. – Oakland, CA

“I want to thank both you and Carol for a great job.  Carol was very professional and made this process a lot less stressful for me and our family.  We appreciate all the support we received from Senior Transition Services.” Jim C. – Doylestown, PA

“Thank you for all your help.  I will be sure to recommend your services to others.”  Ira G. – Dresher, PA

“Many thanks for your help, Marlene and Donna, I couldn’t have done it without you!” Jean I. – Warminster, PA

“Thank you for your help in relocating my mother.  Everything went as smoothly as you described.  We were very pleased, as was Alba.”  Jan D. – San Francisco, CA

“Thanks for the assistance Marlene! Carol was great. I got great feedback about Carol from both my mom and Mary!” Fatimah P. – Alexandria, VA

“I want to thank you for all of your help. From the floor plan which got her to stop adding more furniture to the list, to the movers, the dumpsters, the appraiser, and also your personal support for me. Carol did a great job during the move – we worked together very well. You and she both contributed your professional expertise at key times. For instance when you suggested a second dumpster – what if we had not done that?? Also, when Carol was able to arrange with the movers to bring a 6-man team on Friday it made a tremendous difference for me.  I also wanted to take the opportunity to mention that the movers were fabulous – their attitudes and work in the heat was terrific. They moved whatever I asked them to….to storage….to the Uhaul….from storage to the Uhaul….etc. They were a pleasure to work with the entire time.”  Karen B. – York, PA

“Many thanks to you and Carol for your thoughtful, caring, and very efficient work! Words cannot express how much we appreciated your services in transitioning my Mom to Fort Washington Estates. Even though she definitely took more items than she really needs or can fit in her new living space, we are extremely impressed that you managed to get her scaled down as much as you did in the time allotted. Kudos to you and your organization! I left a positive review on your Facebook page!” Linda L. – Oaks, PA

“Carol and Donna were just wonderful.  I am sure everyone says the same thing, but we couldn’t have done it without them.  Donna is amazing and I felt so confident having her with us.  Thank you for your service.”  Tina MacD. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks to you and Donna for all your help! It made Mom’s move so much less stressful and manageable. It’s a big adjustment for her, but so far, she is doing well.”  Andrea S. – West Chester, PA

“Thanks so much for all your help.  Clearly, we could not have emptied the house without your help and guidance.”  Carol B. – Nashville, TN

“Thank you for your services.  I don’t know how the move could have been accomplished without Carol’s help.  She was wonderful and I looked forward each time to her coming to my home.  She was efficient and caring and fun and I loved having her around.  I didn’t know Donna as well however she was efficient and caring as well.  I would gladly recommend you.”  Tressy McC. – Blue Bell, PA

“Thank you for all your help.”  Sandy K. – Philadelphia, PA

“With many thanks to you and Carol.  The organization you introduced is far better than I could have done on my own.  I’m enjoying it!  Wendy R. – Newtown Square, PA

“Many thanks to you, Donna, and Sue.  Your work made this move possible!  I’m grateful for your efficiency, kindness, and patience.”  Ellen M. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for all your help.”  Anthony P. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you so much for your help and your company’s services.  We both appreciate all the extra things you did to make the move less traumatic and more affordable.  Carol was also most accommodating and very efficient.”  Madeline and Mabel – Willow Grove, PA

“Thanks so much for a great job done.  Outstanding job in relocating us with ease.”  Priscilla H. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for your concern about Madeline.  She is doing better than I anticipated since it was a traumatic move for her.  I was so thankful to have Carol to help with all the “details”.  She is an amazing person and very good organizer. The movers were very helpful and pleasant and good with all the details of the 3 moves.  Lisa was also helpful.  Thank you for all your help and expertise with us seniors and for your understanding of her situation.  We are so fortunate to have had your planning and executing of this complex move.”  Mabel C. – Jenkintown, PA 

“Susan, it was great to meet you on Wednesday!  I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am that my Mom is in the house.  Thank you to you and the team for all your assistance!”  “We were very pleased with your service and would recommend you without reservation.  And speaking for myself, knowing my Mom had the TLC throughout the process made me feel great, relieved, and grateful.”  Rob S. – Toronto, Canada

“Thank you so much for helping to make the transition to the Watermark a much more pleasant and positive experience.  It is so stressful and challenging especially towards the last phase when we’ve just about run out of steam.  Your team of helpers, Donna and Carol, were wonderful.  Donna stayed to the very end and made sure everything was in place and boxes were out in the hallway.  We could not have done it without you and your team.  I’m so glad I went to the luncheon at the Watermark and heard your presentation.  I would definitely recommend your company.  Thank you again for your team effort.”  Nancy L. – Wynnewood, PA

“Thank you to everyone who has made this move go so smoothly.  I will recommend your company to anyone who asks.”  Irene A. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks again for doing such a great job in clearing out the house on Greiner Rd.  You made our lives so much more bearable during this difficult and stressful time.”  Nessa M. – Wilmington, DE

“Thank you Marlene and Carol.  We appreciate your excellent work!” Karen S. – Oakland, CA

“Thank you again for getting me through what would have been an impossible situation for me to have managed on my own.” Pat H. – Northbrook, IL

“I want to thank you, Bob, Carol and Sue for all of your help through my move.  The furniture fit in thanks to your plans.  The kitchen, bath, bedroom and office looked great after Carol and Sue left.  Bob helped remove the paint.”  Eleanor S. – Southampton, PA

“Thank you so much for your guidance with Uncle Leonard’s transitions. I would recommend your services to any and all!”  Meg W. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks to you and your crew for doing such a great job.”  Nessa M. – Wilmington, DE

“Thanks very much for all of your help!”  Lisa S. – Philadelphia, PA

“Her apartment is beautiful.  We are happy with your service.  Thanks so much.  Carol will be checking back on Tuesday or Wednesday.  She’s great.”  Karen S. – Bay Area, CA.

“Thank you for all the help you and Susan gave me.  What a giant task!” “I would have been so lost without you!  (Wish I could clone you for down here!)”  Carole L. – Vero Beach, FL

“This will be my Mother & Father’s first night in their new home.  I want to personally thank both you and Carol for your help in this move.  Due to my father’s health condition, the rapidity of the move, and all the change, my mother was extremely stressed during this process, but I hope she eventually realizes that this transition will be for the better.  Carol helped ease my mother’s worry during the move–for that, I am extremely grateful. I appreciate the patience and compassion she showed toward my Mom.” Tom B. – Montgomery, AL

“Your service was great.  I loved all of your people.  I’ll miss seeing Donna.  Thank you for a good job done.”  Laura J. – Haverford, PA

“Thanks Marlene and Bob for another great job.”  Dave P. – Quakertown

“I want to thank you for all of your assistance in moving my mother into her new apartment yesterday.”  Nessa M. – Vineland, NJ

“I’m too exhausted to write a long note but just wanted to let you know how well everything went. Your team as well as Anchor did an amazing job.  Donna is like a member of the family!!”  “Thanks again Marlene. Honestly, I don’t think we could have done it without you.  If I ever have the opportunity the recommend you, I certainly will.”  Al J. – Ardmore, PA

“You really helped her make that enormous transition from her home in South Philadelphia to that strange place in center city.  That “strange place” became her home because of you.”  Karen H. – Austin, TX

“You and your team are tremendous assets to seniors who choose to move into new surroundings and are overwhelmed by the many facets of moving.  You eliminate the stress of changing locations and provide clients with peace of mind.  We thank you for the excellent job accomplished by Carol.  She added the final touch needed to make our house shine.  Our best wishes to you for your continued success in providing magnificent service to our seniors.  Bill and I are so pleased to know you and your team.  Bill and Dolores S. – Warminster, PA

“Susan was a huge help yesterday, and I was very much relieved and encouraged by all that was accomplished.  And I enjoyed her company.”  Pat H. – King of Prussia, PA

“It was indeed a pleasure to work with Carol.  She was a huge help to us.”  Ann H. – Meadowbrook, PA

“Phase 2 was as pleasurable as Phase 1.  Moving into our apartment was possible because of you and your team.  Donna and Carol did the work with knowledge of how it was to be accomplished.  It was a pleasure to know and work with such professional women.  I compliment you on your work ethic and your ability to know the needs of seniors who move.  I am amazed at the service you provide.  You are a tremendous business woman.”  Dolores S. – Warminster

“Many thanks for you and your staff.”  John and Barbara A. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“Thanks to Susan we made quick work of clearing Mom’s condo – which is now being cleaned & painted preparatory to putting it on the market.” Linda B. – Philadelphia, PA

“Many thanks for your services.  Donna is quite a good worker and enjoyed her very much.  Of course, the 2 Carols did a super job too.  I’m very happy here.”  Dorothy G. – Blue Bell, PA

“My parents couldn’t say enough good things about Carol’s visit this morning.  She made them feel a whole lot calmer.  So thank you.”  Leslie K. – Ardsley, NY

“My parents do seem very happy and we appreciate all the help you and your teams have provided in making this look easy!  Thanks for all you’ve done to make this process stress free (almost!)  You’ve gone above and beyond and we’re thrilled to have met you.  Rob and Ellen S. – CT

“My mother’s move went very well and she is pleased with the services that Donna and Carol provided.  Donna, especially, worked tirelessly on the kitchen which we knew would be a challenge.  Your services were very much appreciated and would gladly recommend your company to anyone.”  Carol S. – Quakertown, PA

“Great job!”  Joe D. – Philadelphia, PA

“My parents couldn’t say enough good things about Carol’s visit this morning.  She made them feel a whole lot calmer.  So thank you.”  Leslie K. – New York, NY

“Thanks for all your help!”  Elaine K. – Warminster, PA

“Thank you again for your help.  I’m so glad there is a company such as yours.” Christine H. – York, PA

“You and your team did a fantastic job of moving us into our new home.  Your complete service gave us the freedom of moving without any stress.  In fact, moving was an exciting adventure.  We love our new home because of your excellent attention to every detail involved with moving.”  Bill and Dolores S. – Warminster, PA

“Senior Transitions Services did several things that amazed me, like shredding a lot of my documents. They packed everything that needed to go and scheduled to get rid of them. I was overwhelmed with that. It was a very smooth operation. They unpacked all of my items and put them in place, away in the cupboards and all. I was very happy with them, really.” John D. – Philadelphia

“To all the wonderful ladies at Senior Transition!  Accept my deepest thanks for all that you did!”  Ann G. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you, Thank you!  Your services were superb. We – quite literally – could not have done it without you.”  Karl S. – Philadelphia, PA

“I just wanted to thank (Susan and Carol) for putting so much care into getting our mothers’ new home together. When we came in it had a much calmer feel and we could see the attention you gave to all of her belongings. The home really had a warm feeling. Thank you for the love you put into your work. You are definitely in the right business! Thanks again. We will recommend you to anyone looking for this special type of move.” Laura D. – Rosemont, PA

“You saved my sanity on moving day, Thursday, October 8th, by your kindness of asking Carol on such short notice to come and help me!  I’ll be forever grateful.  Your company is of great assistance and what I just went thru is proof positive.”  Linda M. – Blue Bell, PA

“Thank you so very much for all your help and hard work.  With great appreciation.”  Barbara B. – Philadelphia, PA

“Just a quick note to say thank you for all the help to get me moved.  What would we ever do without wonderful people like you.  Many, many THANKS for everything!”  June D. – Pipersville, PA

“Senior Transition Services did a wonderful job of emptying our mother’s apartment.  Would recommend their services to anyone.”  Gina S. – Bala Cynwyd, PA

“I enjoyed the day.  Susan did a marvelous job.  The thanks go to her.”  Bill E. – Phoenix, AZ

“Sincere thanks for your miraculous help in our move.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  The house looks great and empty.  So many memories.  The new place is shaping up; it’s all so bittersweet.  Once again thank you for everything.  Come over and see the new place.” Connie V. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you – thank you – thank you – you all were super.” Harris and Ann C. – Lafayette Hill, PA

“I also wanted to thank you for all of your efforts.   You and Susan were amazing.” Linda M. – Yardley, PA

“Thanks for all of your efforts. ” Jeff G. – Philadelphia, PA 

“Thank you so much for the excellent work in downsizing my house in Plymouth Meeting.” Judith G. – Fort Collins, CO

“Thank you so very much for taking such good care of my mother, providing so much reassurance and smooth guidance and all your services in this complicated and confusing time!  You were such a comfort to her, and knowing you could take care of so many little bits and pieces made us both feel far less stressed and far safer with everything.  She’s settling in very well here in Colorado, and the house closing went well, too. We’re still unpacking, of course! But things are feeling like home already.” Rosa M. – Colorado

“I wanted to thank you again about the great  job you did staging Dad’s house for the realtor to take pictures and for the people looking at the house!  My Bob and I were looking at a website for homes for sell in Horsham(we’re not moving) and came across his parents old home for sale!  The pictures inside the house showed stuff  laying around and basement picture(it’s not finished)!  Dad’s place was  so clutter free and so presentable,  thanks to you!  Dad made settlement on his house on July 24 and now I can say : Hallelujah!  He definitely is happy in his new apartment, where things are nicely arranged thanks to you and Carol!” Debbie H. – Horsham, PA

“Thank you very much for your help. Debbi and I would recommend you to anyone. The services were quite helpful and you and your staff have excellent people skills.”  Alan D. – Holland, PA

“Thank you for a great job and all your help.  You have a great organization!”  Ed M. – Lower Gwynedd, PA

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help with downsizing and moving into my new home.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help and that of Susan – she was wonderful.  I look forward to working with you again in the final phase of my move when the house is sold.” Rosemarie M. – Sewell, NJ

“Thank you so much for providing us with such quality, timely and professional help in our upcoming move. The gal that helped us pack was so organized, quick, efficient, fun and even took away the unwanted remains of our closets!  She was a delight to work with and helped tremendously.  You saved us from making so many mistakes in not measuring correctly the furniture we were going to take.  We feel so much more comfortable now that you laid everything out for us and your professionalism in everything was top shelf!  We appreciated your patience and detailed help and want to wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”  Gina P. and Ned S. – Wilmington, DE

“Thank you for your help in moving my mother, Rita, in May.  My mother was extremely happy with the process!”  Frank H.

“Thanks so much for all of your help with the planning.  The closing went smoothly, as did the move.  I just wanted to let you know that Donna was absolutely great.  I don’t think I could have done it without her.  She got there on time and got right to it.  She didn’t stop until all was finished and I really appreciated all of her help too.  I will highly recommend your company and Donna in the future.” Lisa R. – Philadelphia, PA

“Your service was great!  Carol and Donna did a wonderful job.”  Marion U. – Lower Gwynedd, PA

“Thank you very, very much for helping to make my move so smooth.  It was wonderful to work with all of you.  I am feeling at home in my apartment because of all of your efforts.  You set up the apartment in a better way than I would have.  It feels like home since you put everything in its place.  Bravo for all of your kindnesses and help.” Mary S. – Lower Gwynedd, PA

“Your service was so upstanding!” Beth K. – Chicago, IL

“Thank you for your expertise and many kindnesses you so graciously showered upon me while helping me to relocate.  Also thanks to your husband for his help.  Carol has been a blessing throughout my transition.” Bernice C. – Lower Gwynedd, PA

“Thanks, Marlene.  Donna was great and the other two, Carol and Sue, were wonderful.  We are slowly getting settled.  Again thanks for everything.” Judy G. – Southampton, PA

“It has been a pleasure to work with your organization, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done.” Cynthia S. – Bryn Mawr, PA

“It was a pleasure working with you and your staff.  Your floor plan worked beautifully and your unpacking service was one of our best decisions.” Rita B. – Wynnewood, PA

“My parents are doing well and have mostly settled in.  Their apartments look beautiful and well organized, in part thanks to you.  Thank you so much for all of your help with their multi-stage move.” Arusha H. – Jamaica Plain, MA

“Thanks again for all you did to help make this transition easier for my mother and me.  She is beginning to settle into Sunrise.” Jennifer H. – Glenside, PA

“What a wonderful service you provided.  Thank you.” Patricia M. – Gladwyne, PA

“Thank you for your good counsel, patience and expertise in clearing 123 Summit Avenue.  It was a tough assignment and successful.”  Karen S. – Blue Bell, PA

“Thank you very much for the services rendered by your staff in moving us to the Bethlehem Village.  We are enjoying our new home at the Village.”  Pablo and Angeles C. – Flourtown, PA

“As promised, my Mother’s move went smoothly.  Thank you to your staff and moving company.” Richard W. – Princeton, NJ

“I was so blessed with you and your team and the services provided.  I know I could not have done it without you.  To be able to get into bed (all made) after a long day was priceless.  The movers were great too; kind, respectful and pleasant.  I so enjoyed Susan, Donna and Carol.  We had some great conversations as they worked hard to bring things together.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the services you and your team provided.” Donna H. – Warwick, PA

“I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Marlene Stocks and everyone at Senior Transition Services, Inc. We want you to know how pleased we are with the outstanding service you have given our family. Marlene seamlessly orchestrated the move of our Mom from her condo apartment to senior living with perfect project management coordination, effective communication, integrity, courtesy, professionalism, compassion and excellence.  I highly recommend Marlene and look forward to working with her again.” Emily A. – Montclair, NJ

“Senior Transition Services did an excellent job and we were also very pleased with their services.  They couldn’t have been nicer to my Mother and patient.” Margaret M. – Wilmington, DE

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for helping my family through what could have been a very difficult time. Moving is difficult under any circumstances, but more so as people get older,  My Mother is 87 years old and waited far too long to move into a senior living facility.  Being a creature of habit and enjoying the sameness of daily life, the change and then move were monumental. Also a concern was that I am a solo caregiver.  There was no one to assist me in this process. When I learned of your service I was relieved.  It was a great comfort knowing I wasn’t alone and I had someone to discuss and help with making the necessary arrangements. Drawing a floor plan was key.  It helped us to eliminate or donate furnishings that wouldn’t fit in the new space. The movers and the packers that you recommended were not only proficient at what they did, they were kind and caring people who understood the difficulty of moving a senior.  I am very grateful! The unpacking portion of the process was fantastic as well!  My Mother and I relaxed all morning and by early afternoon we received a call that the movers were finished unloading and the unpacking was practically done.  When were arrived at my mother’s new apartment we were thrilled! Boxes, were emptied, the kitchen unpacked and the bed made and ready for sleep. I am so grateful to everyone that participated and helped my Mom and I make the transition into her new life.  With much appreciation”, Faith W. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you and Carol most especially from a thoroughly satisfied customer.” Mary Jane P. – Rosemont, PA

“Thank you so much for everything you did for me and mom.  We are both extremely happy we found you.” Ellen S. – Dresher, PA

“I am so grateful for all you and Carol did during my downsizing (especially Carol – she is the best), and move in – a big thank you to you, Carol and Donna for making my home in one day.  I realize I could never have made this move without you.  I do hope that you and Carol will come back to see my apartment – and have lunch here.”  Maria D. – Newtown, PA

“Move went great!  Susan was awesome!  She really put me at ease in the morning at Shannondell and helped me get the items needed for Dad!  And at the new apt she was amazing unpacking and arranging the furniture and all the items we brought.  All the work she did was worth it.  He walked in and he said that it was great and that we brought all his things with him.  He walked thru and was happy with all he saw.  We owe his reaction to the efforts of Susan and the movers.  Thank you too!!  You had me focus on the first step and that really helped.  I now want to go thru the apt and sort what is left.  Then I do want your help with the next step.  Thank you both for handling a day that was very stressful and helping it go smoothly!!  Please thank Susan for me, she as wonderful!”  Sue S. – Dresher, PA

“Thank you for an excellent job; we couldn’t have done it without your help.” Dan and Margaret G. – Philadelphia, PA.

“I’m taking a quiet moment, sitting in a lovely sunny spot in our living room thinking about how very fortunate I was to meet you and therefore be able to ‘let go’ much of the stress of moving.  Everyone you connected us with was top notch, friendly and respectful of our home.  Please extend my thanks and appreciation to Susan, Donna and Carol.  We had fun working together, laughing and enjoying a silly moment or two.  Many thanks for all you do, for so many.”  Jane S. – Lower Gwynedd, PA.

“I wanted and have been meaning to touch base with you to take a moment to thank you all for everything you did to orchestrate an incredibly challenging move into a smoothly organized transition for my parents and myself and family.  To say thank you is truly an understatement!  The kindness, flexibility, caring, compassion, and professionalism everyone demonstrated us was truly appreciated.  Each and everyone of you was a God send.  Many many thanks.”  Lori M. – Lusby, MD

“I am so very grateful for all of your help during the move – it made an  enormous difference during such a difficult transition.  Please feel free to have anyone contact me for a reference – I can’t imagine how I would have been able to handle all the details from a distance.  Your team is terrific!”  Barbara E. – New Jersey

“Thank you for a job well done!  It was a pleasure working with you.” Lena R. – Doylestown, PA

“I trust them like my sister and I could not have come this far without them.  Clear pricing, timely and highly professional services.” Jacqui I. – Jenkintown, PA

“Thank you for your expert help in helping us move to Waverly Heights!  Your insight, patience and adaptability created a mini version of ‘203’.”  Richard and Pat N. – Gladwyne, PA

“The move went very smoothly, thanks to you.  The two “Andres” did a wonderful job, everything was packed very carefully.”  Ellen S. – Dresher, PA

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job that was done moving Mr. D., setting him up in his new home and cleaning out the old – all in a couple of weeks.  The job was not just completed but it was done with care and respect in difficult and often adversarial circumstances.  I can’t say enough about Donna and Susan.  Donna worked so well with him.  Her patience and perseverance with him did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Susan is also very kind and efficient.  She obviously knows what she is doing and is good at what she does.  Thank you. Thank you!  We would have never made it without you all.” Linda G. – Lower Gwynedd, PA 

“We want to thank you for the wonderful, complicated job you did.  So many kindnesses offered; a move at this stage of life is difficult, especially with health issues, but I know it was the right thing.  Thank you again for a job well done.”  Kathy and Al R. – Holland, PA

“I wanted to Thank You first for all your fine work and tremendous leadership with regard to my parents’ move.  Mom and Dad have been so complimentary, SO appreciative of all your many hours of hard work on their behalf.  Mom is not easy to please but she spoke at length about Susan and all the kind, wonderful work she offered.  I feel blessed to have found you all.  We could not possibly have made this HUGE move without you.  I will remain grateful and thankful to you, Susan and your fine team of professionals during this stressful and emotional time.  Pat L. – Richmond, VA

“There are no words to say but Thank You.  What an awesome job you did for me in my transition.  With all my organized clutter, I don’t know how you did it.  Thanks a million.”  Faye R. – Media, PA

“We really appreciate the help you and your team provided.  I couldn’t have pulled this off without you.”  Dave S. – Port Saint Lucie, FL

“I cannot believe that over three weeks have gone by since I moved!  My new apartment is now looking more like home and I am settling in well.  Please know how much I appreciate all the help you and Susan gave me – and the movers did a great job, too.  You certainly helped to make life easier for me.”  Irv S. – Holland, PA

“I was very happy with the work and assistance you gave me in this move and I will certainly recommend you to my friends.  Rating: #10.  Thank you again!”  Irene G. – Holland, PA

“Marlene offers a unique but exceptional service in helping seniors transition to new living arrangements.  Her expertise and personal care made our experience one that proved to be extremely helpful.  She coordinated every detail, made excellent recommendations and often demonstrated a level of trust that made the entire family comfortable with the process and ecstatic with her results.  We are all now living a wonderful new chapter of life!!!” LinkedIn Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.  Jylla T. – Atlanta, GA

“I can’t tell you how invaluable you have been to me in my move.  Your organization, equanimity, and hands-on approach have gotten me through what could have been a nightmare scenario.  As it is, this is just my second day in my new home, everything is in place, and I’m really quite comfortable.  I had envisioned weeks of chaos, but you prevented that.  I can’t thank you enough.”  Mary G. – Upper Gwynedd, PA

“Marlene is a Senior Transition Consultant, fancy name for a creative, personable individual who came into my life when I decided to relocate. From the planning of the move to the move in at the new location, Marlene directed, packed boxes, arranged everything for charity give away, found the mover, coordinated the move, unpacked boxes and made my new home livable. Without her, I would be still sitting at my old location thinking of moving! When I explain Marlene to others, they all tell me how much they wished they had known Marlene when they moved. She became such a part of my life, I feel I must move every year to keep her around, either that or adopt her.”  LinkedIn Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert. Jim R. – Southampton, PA

“Marlene recently assisted me with my parents’ move from New York to Philadelphia. She made the transition to a new home so much easier — for my parents as well as for me. Marlene has it all: outstanding organizational skills, a calming presence, warm personality and unbelievable energy. I cannot imagine what this move would have been like without her. I wholeheartedly recommend Marlene and Senior Transition Services.” LinkedIn Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. Iris R. – Rydal, PA

“Marlene did a fantastic job coordinating my aunt’s move from her home into a retirement community, and then again cleaning out my aunt’s house prior to putting it on the market. We were all impressed by Marlene’s professionalism and personality. My aunt quickly felt very comfortable working with Marlene. Marlene set up the new apartment to look very similar to the house, which made this move much easier for my aunt.” LinkedIn Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. Steve S. – Philadelphia, PA

“We simply could not have done this without your assistance.  It was such a pleasure to work with your and Susan.  You have a lovely manner that compliments your professional expertise and I know that makes your clients more comfortable going through the experience of downsizing.  I will be sure to sing your praises whenever I encounter someone who is helping a loved one downsize and move!”  Pat L. – Ambler, PA

“You were the calm in the storm on moving day.  Thank you so much for all your help and thanks to Bob also.” Dolores G. – Spring House, PA

“Let me thank you again for the wonderful job!  For me, it was so fast and painless.  It’s so rare to work with someone as organized and thorough as you and I really appreciated it.”  Janice B. – Fort Washington, PA

“I appreciate all that you did, unpacking and putting everything away was a very hard job.  You have a great support team.  Susan and Alexandra were wonderful.”  Dee L. – Philadelphia, PA

“Many, many thanks for your patience and understanding in ‘all things’.”  Pauline P. – Rydal, PA

“Many belated thanks for moving my Mom and all her accoutrements to Twining Village last month!  It was a long day and your compassion, professionalism and sense of humor were greatly appreciated.”  Candice L. – Cotuit, MA

“Thank you Bob and Marlene! You claim to be ‘all about reducing stress’ and you certainly lived up to your promise!” Alethea P. – Swarthmore, PA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It was a major load off of my mind.” Rhoda P. – Southampton, PA

“Thank you both again for all your hard work and a great job – well done.” David P. – Wynnewood, PA

“On behalf of me and my siblings I again would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did transitioning our mother into her apartment.  Your patience, thoughtfulness, expertise and caring were greatly appreciated. Thank you (also) for the tremendous amount of work you have done at the Titan Street house.” Lillian T. – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you, Marlene, for all your help.  We couldn’t have done it without you!” Janice J-G. – Sellersville, PA

“Thank you for your professionalism and going the extra yard.” Jay L. – Doylestown, PA

“Thank you for all your hard work!  It was a pleasure working with you.  I have been singing your praises to everyone.”  Vivian F. – Philadelphia

“Thank you.  You made it possible for my mother to arrive at the apartment today and be absolutely amazed about how beautiful it was and how it was just like home.” Amy G. – Rosemont, PA

“We appreciated the recommendation of Senior Transition Services.  Marlene made the move much easier for all of us.” Resident of Watermark at Logan Square

“Thank you for a great job.” Ruth S. – Rosemont, PA

“Words cannot express how much it’s meant to me, my sisters and especially my dad, your kindness, compassion, and hard work you put forth to assist us with my dad’s transition to the Watermark.  You made a very difficult ordeal for our family transform into an easy, seamless experience and we are forever grateful!  Thank you and God bless!” Fedders Family – Mason City, Iowa

“You have been a true pleasure to work with and all of your hard work has not gone unnoticed.   My dad LOVES everything you did and thought his apartment looked beautiful.   We couldn’t have done this without the help of people like you; we are very thankful!” Rebecca F. – Mason City, Iowa

“It is so rare to find a company that understands the value of excellent service.  Your company is that rare one!  We enjoyed working with you as you went above and beyond.   We look forward to working with you on the big move from Hershey’s Mill!  Many thanks!” Meg W. – Philadelphia

“Pennswood Village is the perfect place for me now and for the future.  Life is good – and your help in getting me ensconced is appreciated every time I count my blessings.” Helene F. – Newtown

“Thank you for your help.” Dorothy B. – Rosemont

“Thank you so much, Marlene and Susan, for all of your help and support.  I could not have done it without you.” Frank C. – Warminster

“Thank you for everything, Marlene!!! You do a wonderful job and your patience and compassion are so very admirable.” Patty O. – Framington, CT

“I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for us. we couldn’t have made this transition without you – you’re a God-send.” Carol O. – Scottsdale, AZ

“What an awesome job!  Cannot thank you enough for your assistance yesterday.  Could not have done it on my own. Your calm voice was so helpful for Lois. You and Sue were so respectful of her possessions. Quite a team. I am in awe.” Bonnie C. – Glenmoore, PA

“Thank you, Susi and Marlene, for all the work you put into making this move go off without the slightest hitch.  It was absolutely amazing to Nancy and me that we had created this home for (our mother) by the end of the day.  It was a remarkable and efficient experience.  Thanks to all of you.” Dana B. and Nancy B. – New York, NY

“Thanks so much. We could not have done it without you..” Pat and Peg W. – Doylestown

“It is we who should be thanking you and Susan and Bob. You certainly facilitated an easy transition from a large house to a nice, comfortable apartment. You were always responsive, efficient and professional. Thanks!.”   Fred and Meriel S. – Rydal

“Your services have been an immense help to this whole responsibility we faced in disposing of Nancy’s effects and house.  Thanks again not only for what you have done, but in the professional ways in which you have accomplished this task.” Kitty and Bill K. – Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Thanks again for all of the work you did on Dad’s apartment. Our family really appreciates it; you took a burden from our shoulders.” Linda N. – Jamison

“Greg and I just wanted to thank you again for all the work you did on the day my mother-in-law moved into Twining Village.  The apartment looks great!  Thank you for your hard work and your gracious spirit.”   Amy K. – Ewing,     New Jersey

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the first rate job that you and your team did getting the house and the garage cleaned out and ready to sell. From the start we have been very impressed with your level of compassion, professionalism and follow-through. You and your team have made a difficult job much more manageable and everyone in our family is most appreciative.”   Russ E. – Chalfont

“Thank you Marlene!  My mother was certainly impressed by you and your staff.  You went above and beyond to make sure she felt cared for and as relaxed as possible under the changing circumstances of the move.  Your professionalism during this stressful and somewhat disorganized time for our family was unwavering, and for that we are extremely grateful.”  Theo F. – Westport, CT

“I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work.  My parents, brothers and I deeply appreciate it.  After the past few months of all the details – closing down the NC apartment, establishing the PA apartment, the journey up to PA and the moving day chaos – we couldn’t have done this final lap without you and your team.”  Jennifer B. – San Francisco

“My sincere thanks.  Your services are worth ‘their weight in gold’.”  Joanne Y. – Lower Gwynedd.

“Thank you very much for a job well done.  I appreciate the sensitivity inherent in your whole approach, in addition to your obvious organizational talent and attention to detail.  Knowing everything would be resolved allowed me to indulge in those fond memories of Mom, free of concern about all those details and arrangements.  That peace of mind is worth more than gold.

You have created a magnificent business, quite apropos to the times, providing such a valuable service.  I predict your business will continue to flourish as a result of your efforts.  May you always find it to be (the) right livelihood, enriching your heart as well as the bottom line.”  Mark S. – Roseburg, OR

“It is my pleasure to recommend Marlene Stocks for any project. My 80 year old mother was selling our childhood home and moving into a two bedroom apartment in a retirement community.  Our house was a 2500 square foot home with a full basement- full of 53 years of living and raising children. Though spry and healthy, this was no small task for my mom.    I was growing increasingly stressed and fearful about how this move and downsizing would be accomplished.   I took care of as much as I could, but, I live a great distance from my mom, so my availability was limited.   At the time, I did not appreciate how emotional and vulnerable my mother was feeling.

Marlene Stocks to the rescue!  She met with us and assessed our needs.  Marlene was invaluable with the actual process of the move.  She choreographed and coordinated.  Nothing phased her;  she is unflappable.  She was present on moving day and set up my mom’s apartment so that it was ready to sleep in that night.   Indeed, all that is true.  But, for us, the biggest and most important things Marlene beholds are her unconditional love, understanding and attention in a calm reassuring way without judgment.

Marlene has, again, helped me by overseeing the shipping of my property from Pennsylvania to California.  It is a project I could not do myself and I was completely reassured that she had taken it on.  We also recommended Marlene ‘s services to my mom’s childhood friend who had to downsize and move quickly while coping with a severe  illness.   It was equally successful and handled in a caring, sensitive way.

I cannot say enough about what Marlene did for us. One would only be enriched by Marlene’s guidance and participation on any project.”  Amy D. – Fairfax, CA

“My parents’ house of 42 years was sitting fully-furnished in Southampton like a museum, waiting for them to get the energy and emotional courage to clean it out. My sister and I encouraged them to move along with the process so they could sell our childhood home and relieve themselves of the burden an unused home can be.  I called Marlene, and from the first moment she was responsive, caring, supportive and realistic.  She and Susan walked my mother through all the decisions of what to keep, what to try to sell, and what to donate or discard.  They were enthusiastic and understanding, and really listened to my parents’ concerns.  Marlene orchestrated the buyout of many of their belongings (with a nice payment to my parents, and little stress).  She then coordinated donations to a very worthy cause, and had a team of haulers remove any and all trash.  We have been nothing but impressed and pleased with Senior Transitions.   Everything was revealed up front (no hidden charges), my parents could choose the services they wanted or did not want, and their house and belongings were treated with respect. The house is now being painted and prepared to put on the market for sale. We couldn’t have done it without Senior Transitions. Thank you all so much.” Amanda P. – Baltimore, MD

“Thank you for all your work and making this so much easier for me and my sister.  Once again, I really am grateful for your work.  The physical and emotional process of clearing the house seemed really daunting to me but you made it possible.”  Andrea K. – Silver Spring, MD

“Things seem to have gone very well.  Believe the move went very well.  Thanks again for all your help, glad you were able to do this on short notice.”  Ray H. – St. Louis, MO

“Thanks again for all the physical and moral support in March.”  Diane A. – Wynnewood

“Thank you for your help and reassurances and empathy and sympathy for our traumatic move.   You girls were great!  We will surely recommend you to our friends!!”    Eleanor and Bud F – Warminster

“Thank you so much! Linda told me that you did an outstanding job at the house! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and friendship throughout this whole ordeal.”    Elaine D – Phoenix, AZ

“I am so so very grateful to you and Bob for getting me through an extremely traumatic experience.  I had no idea that moving could take such a toll on a person.   Thank you for your tremendous help.”    Elsa A – Warminster

“I would highly recommend Senior Transitions to anyone seeking to rid themselves of the stress and frustration that comes with transitioning your loved one through a different stage of life.  My mother and I were responsible for moving my 84 year old aunt from Philadelphia to the northern Virginia area, where our family could better ensure her proper care.  Since we reside in Virginia, we handled everything with Senior Transitions via phone and email.  I didn’t even meet Marlene and Bob until the conclusion of our business.  During all of our interactions, Marlene completely relieved my mind of the anxiety that accompanies selling a home and moving or discarding all of its household effects.  The thought of doing all of this while working full time in another state and being unable to oversee this function was simply overwhelming.  Marlene assessed the property and explained the process.  Marlene removed all items from the house, made the necessary donations and sent tax documentation for contributions, and completely respected the privacy of my aunt’s personal documents in an entirely professional, trustworthy and thorough manner.   My family arrived to see the property the day of closing with everything completely accomplished.  What a blessing to have found this company.”  Tina H – Arlington, VA

“I couldn’t have done this move without your help!!  Am very grateful I found you both and thanks once again.”    Pauline S – Warminster

“Thanks also for the excellent job you did.  I have moved very little from where you put it.   What a big help you were.  I would be more than happy to testify to being a very satisfied client.  You were professional and efficient as well as warm and friendly and very easy to work with.  Thanks again for everything.”     Nancy and Jim B – Warminster

“It is with the deepest sincerity that I write to recommend Marlene Stocks as a moving planner.  She is a gracious, caring person who understands the stress that a downsizing move can bring to a person, particularly an older one.  The experience she brings to this work shows itself in her resourcefulness in solving the many problems that can arise at such a time. She knows where the facilities exist that can make the move and disposal of unneeded possessions smooth, socially responsible, and efficient.  She is a pleasure to work with and to be with.”  Sylvia T – Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on my property in Philadelphia. I feel lucky to have found you through the National Association of Senior Move Managers.  From our first meeting, I was impressed with your flexibility and professionalism.  You had ideas for how to manage my grandmother’s belongings that had never occurred to me.  I was very impressed with the speed and thoroughness with which you completed the job. In the end, I found your services to have been a very good deal, considering the quality I received.  The special touches you added (e.g. a color photo index of where each item is now stored) went above and beyond what I expected.”  Cecilia I – Philadelphia, PA

“We want to thank you for all your help and organization in dispersing my parent’s belongings.   I would still be there going crazy if not for you and Bob.” Maryann H – Drexel Hill, PA

“Contracting with this company was one of the best things we ever did to get rid of clutter and to re-organize our back room.  Marlene came to the house to check out what we wanted as our goal.  She asked us a lot of questions and we asked her many questions.  She answered ALL of our questions and concerns.  She answered without hesitancy and with total professionalism and she provided us with copies of insurance and references and copy of her membership in the National Association of Senior Move Managers and their Code of Ethics.

We decided on a date and time for the services to be performed.  Marlene phoned us the day before to re-confirm the appointment.   Marlene arrived punctually on the appointed day.  She provided her own supplies for packing, boxing and trash removal.  She worked with us every step of the way, always keeping our concerns and interests of prime import.  Marlene described the overall ‘plan of attack’.  We separated those items for keeping, those items for donation and items for trash.  Every decision was ours.  NEVER did Marlene tell us what she thought we should keep or dispose.

When the job was completed, we had re-gained our back room … neat and orderly.  Marlene took care of EVERYTHING. Some clothing to a consignment shop, many items to a thrift shop for a charitable contribution. All trash was removed.  I am amazed at the remarkable professionalism of this company.  What a pleasure to deal with this organization.”  Ed Z – Huntingdon Valley, PA

“I have completed the final distribution of my godfather’s estate and would like to take a moment to thank you for your assistance in that process.  Your guidance and suggestions in determining the disposition of these items greatly assisted me.  Your support made a potentially overwhelming task quite manageable.  In addition, your compassion in handling his personal possessions meant a great deal to me.  It was a difficult time for me and your caring and understanding made a painful task much more bearable.”   Karen E – Philadelphia, PA

“I have lived in the same house for 40 years. Simply reading about ‘down-sizing’ and relocating’ is mentally unsettling. To have a knowledgeable, kind, and patient person guide me through the process is comforting. Talking to someone professional about the many aspects of clearing the clutter, organizing and minimizing the ‘stuff’, and choosing a new domicile is motivating and uplifting.”   Mary G – Willow Grove, PA