compassion_caringIt’s more than just packing.  It’s all about the client!

Our team meets the needs of our clients by providing gentle, objective and compassionate guidance, which provides them and their families the peace of mind they need during a time of great emotional stress and uncertainty.  We answer the question: “How to move my parents?”.

Our personal goal is to work with our clients to help them achieve their objectives, such as:

  • downsizing their home of decades,
  • preparing to relocate to a new residence,
  • disposing of the contents of a loved one’s home
  • decluttering a house in preparation for sale

We do this by listening and understanding our client’s needs, thereby developing creative cooperation and synergy with them.  This rapport allows us to:

  • launch a strategy that pro-actively sets realistic expectations,
  • identifies and evaluates alternatives,
  • establishes parameters,
  • defines deliverables,
  • communicates timelines,
  • implements the required services and
  • monitors satisfaction.

In short, we offer our clients “tender loving care” that allows them to retain control and remain empowered.

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